The Difference Smart MIG Makes on the ESAB Rebel

With the introduction of multiprocess welders such as Miller’s Multimatic and the ESAB Rebel, welders can do more with with a single welding machine. However, with all of those capabilities, welders certainly don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their welds. Enter the ESAB Rebel…


Baker’s HalloWELDING Costume Contest

Baker’s HalloWELDING Costume Contest With Halloween just a few weeks away, Baker’s Gas is sponsoring a HalloWELDING costume contest. The contest is simple and easy to enter. Just dress up in your best welding related costume, take a picture, and post it on Facebook, Twitter,


Welding Safety Tips for National Fire Prevention Month

Slag and sparks are hot and plentiful while welding, especially for larger stick welding projects. There are new stories every week about shops that have burned down, houses and garage that caught fire, and welders who were severely burned from accidental welding fires. Controlling Your


Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

NASA’s planned trip to Mars in the 2030’s is one step closer to reality now that the massive fuel tanks have been completely welded together. NASA’s New Orleans manufacturing facility is home to the Vertical Assembly Center (VAC) welder, the world’s largest welding machine. The


October Promotions –

Fall is officially here and the countdown to Halloween at Baker’s Gas has started. We have some BOOming deals and sweet promotions going on all October! #BakersHallowelding   Seeing is Believing. …Speedglas 9100XXi Starter Kit Promo Any welder who has used a Speedglas welding helmet

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Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Students at Gravette High School in Northwest Arkansas are jumping at the opportunity to participate in a welding course hosted by Northwest Technical Institute of Springdale. While some of the students joined out of curiosity or in order to “show up” their classmates, many now


What Do You Need to Get Started with Welding?

It’s hard to know how exactly to answer questions about “what a new welder” needs in order to start welding because every person has a slightly different setup at home, different tools on hand, and very different assumptions about welding. While we can’t guarantee that

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Back to School Welding Projects

Back to school season is here and whether you have kids, grandkids or no kids at all, it is a busy season for your entryway or mudroom. Every parent of school-age kids knows that when kids come home from school, so does their stuff and