Weekly Welding Roundup-Welding News

This weekโ€™s welding roundup has a pile of articles on welding jobs and welding education opportunities. It seems that the word is getting around that careers in welding are a viable option for many with high demand and excellent salaries. However, no two paths to


5 Easy Welding Projects for Thanksgiving

The Holidays are upon us once again, and based on what you see in the stores this time of year, it is certainly easy to go straight from the pumpkins of Halloween to the evergreen trees of Christmas without pausing much for Thanksgiving. Here at

oxy welding and cutting

Comparing Arc Welding to Gas Welding

There once was a time when the majority of welders were joining metal together using an oxyacetylene torch. From bridges to battleships, these torch setups using oxygen and gas were affordable, effective, and portable, even if they made rough welds and could warp the metals


Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Business owner Rick Reuter became a certified welder at the age of 20. By the following year he had fabricated his own rental boiler that became a critical part of his new business: Power Mechanical Inc. Reuter has built the company from the ground up,


Halloween and Fall Welding Projects

Fall is here, and the pumpkins and hay bales gracing the front porches of your town may have you in the mood to carve up a jack oโ€™ lantern of your own. Why not weld one, or something like it? For welders of all skill


Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

As a teenager Lonnie Benn saw his dad welding cylinder regulars, and he soon picked up his own torch, cutting names into metal plates, welding the cars of his friends, and even attempting to construct his own open cockpit submarine in his backyard. Image Source