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Welded metal hangers

Back to School Welding Projects

Back to school season is here and whether you have kids, grandkids or no kids at all, it is a busy season for your entryway or mudroom. Every parent of school-age kids knows that when kids come home from school, so does their stuff and


Welding Projects with Car and Truck Parts

In case you haven’t noticed, recycling found materials is currently a major trend in the world of welding projects. Horseshoe welding projects are everywhere and at this point we are convinced there is nothing you can’t create from unused silverware. Not only is welding with


Volunteer Welding Projects for Your Community

No matter where you find yourself in the world, one thing is absolutely true: There are people in your community who need your help. We all have different gifts to offer our neighborhoods and towns and you are uniquely equipped to help. Not every handyman

4 welding projects

4 Welding Projects To Deck Your Deck

Summer is here, even if the calendar doesn’t officially say so, and nothing says summer better than lounging around outside. Perhaps you have a poolside deck or a large front porch where you kick back and wait for the fireflies to come out for the

Mom projects

3 Mother’s Day Welding Projects

Mother’s Day is upon us and everywhere you look, you are bombarded with gift ideas. Some of them are legitimate gifts ideas, while others are downright cringe-worthy. Today we want to let you in on a little secret: What the mom in your life wants

Garden Welding Projects

5 Welding Projects For Your Garden

  Spring has arrived and with it the desire to head outdoors to enjoy fresh air, sunshine and the tiny green shoots popping up outside your home. While you were spreading mulch this weekend you may have noticed a few bare spots in your garden

Bookend Welding

4 Easy, Handy Bookend Welding Projects

One of the easiest starter welding projects you can create is a set of bookends. They’re a simple, practical way to hone and sharpen your welding skills while unleashing your creativity. As a bonus, the materials are affordable so if you strike an arc and

organization projects

5 Welding Project Ideas for an Organized 2016

The New Year is here and with it comes a slew of resolutions, plans and goals. Perhaps you would like to work out a bit more, reduce stress or get your finances in order. Whatever you hope the new year will bring you, the best

Fantastic Welding Projects

4 Fantastic Welding Projects For Fabulous, Last-Minute Gifts

Christmas is coming, it’s practically here and with the 25th just days away it’s normal to find yourself scrambling to surprise your loved ones with meaningful, lasting gifts. Remember, nothing says you matter to me as clearly as a beautiful handmade gift. Tis certainly the