ESAB Mig 320 Origo Feed 304 M12 - Basic Package - 0558101327

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ESAB Mig 320 Origo Feed 304 M12 - Basic Package - 0558101327

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ESAB Mig 320 Origo Feed 304 M12 - Basic Package - 0558101327

The Origo MIG 320/410/510 are step-switched power sources for medium (320) to heavy-duty (410 and 510) MIG/MAG welding. The machines are made with a strong galvanized metal casing to withstand harsh environments. Its large wheels, sturdy lifting eyelets, and an undercarriage designed for forklift transport make the Origo MIG machine easy to move. The wide current and voltage make it easy to optimize settings for a wide variety of filler metals and gases.

The machines are optimized to operate together with the Origo Feed 304 M12 wire feeder. Electronically controlled feeding gives an accurate and stable arc. The feeders are available with 1.8 in. diameter (30 mm) feed rollers for wires up to .062 in. diameter (1.6 mm).

The wire feed unit sits on a swivel post mounted on the top of the Origo MIG 320/410/510, providing a 360-degree radius of operation. The feeder mechanism is easy to access, and all wear parts can easily be exchanged. A single pressure device makes it easy to adjust the appropriate feeding pressure. All electronic components are protected in a separate compartment.

Feeder Features
  • WFS range 31-1000 ipm
  • 2/4 stroke simplifies welding
  • Adjustable burn-back timer gives correct stick-out
  • Creep start gradual feed of wire for ultimate starts
  • Quick connectors shortest possible setup times
  • Multiple mounting options counterbalance and mast, wheel kit, or hanging bracket
  • Inching/gas purge (optional)
  • 3 year warranty
Power Source Features
  • Outstanding welding characteristics high-efficient and quality welds
  • Sturdy galvanized metal casing with air filter (optional)
  • Wide current and voltage range for multiple applications
  • Selectable inductance taps 320 and 410 have 2 taps, 510 has 3 taps
  • Easy change of polarity all types of cored wire
  • Connection cable length up to 114 ft. (35 m)
  • Digital meter provides an accurate reading of the set welding parameters and will hold its display even after welding has finished
  • Idle mode power and noise efficient; cooling fan works only when needed
  • Undercarriage standard
  • 3 year warranty
Basic Package includes:
  • 320 Power Source
  • 304 Wire Feeder
  • 15 ft. 400-amp torch
  • Auto repair
  • General steel fabrication
  • Vehicle industry
  • Household and furniture
  • Civil construction
  • Mobile machinery
  • Foundries
  • Shipyards
  • Pipeworks
  • power source
  • wire feeder
  • 15 ft. (4.5 m) Tweco Spray Master 350 MIG gun.
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