ESAB Heliarc 281I/CART/COOLER 230V


Item #: ESA0558101704
Mfg #: 0558101704
ESAB Heliarc 281I/CART/COOLER 230V

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ESAB Heliarc 281I/CART/COOLER 230V
  • Designed for quality GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (Stick) welding in all types of material.
  • Designed for quality GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (Stick) welding in all types of material
  • Cost effective inverter technology at an SCR price - increased energy efficiency and more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit
  • Easy-to-control arc heat input for high quality welds
  • Intuitive interface for easy setup and adjustment
  • Digital controls ensure high accuracy and repeatability
  • AC or DC Pulsed TIG welding - easy control of heat input and weld pool
  • AC Hot Start is available at currents below 130 A to boost current at the initial start to improve weld puddle initiation and arc penetration
  • Control the arc with remote or foot control - switch between two currents by pressing torch switch
  • Live TIG is ideal in places where high-frequency (HF) is not allowed
  • AC Pulsing up to 2Hz makes Heliarc ideal for welding thin aluminum material
  • Easily store up to 60 parameter sets for quick changes while working
  • Complies with latest CSA certification
  • Gas Pre-flow 0.1-2.5 sec
  • Gas Post-flow 0.1-30 sec
  • AC_Balance 10-90%
  • Setting Range MMA DC 4 to 250 A
  • Setting Range TIG DC 4 to 280 A
  • Power Factor @ Max Current 0.80
  • Open Circuit Voltage AC 75 V
  • Open Circuit Voltage DC 75 V
  • Enclosure Class IP 21
  • Application Classification S
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