Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Hot Rodders Welding Helmet

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Mfg #: K4440-3
Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Hot Rodders Welding Helmet

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Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Hot Rodders Welding Helmet
The VIKING 3350, our top-of-the-line helmet series, provides the best optical clarity available in a welding helmet today and the largest viewing area in its class. The 3350 Series offers a pivot style headgear designed for greater comfort and optimal fit.

The New Viking auto-darkening cartridges offer a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating. The ratings correspond to four very important optical categories. Each category is graded on a scale of 1-3, with a score of 1 being the best and 3 being the lowest quality. The Viking upgraded line offers a perfect 1/1/1/1 clarity rating.

4C Lens Technology : The Best View
  • Clarity - 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity
  • Color - Real Color View
  • Cut - Even shade from any angle
Optimal Performance
  • Fastest Switching Speed
  • Design: Hot Rodders
  • Increased battery life
  • Largest viewing area
  • View low AMP TIG without flickering
  • Tilt adjustment meets the specific ergonomic needs of the user
  • Pivot-style headgear distributes weight evenly
  • Balanced for all-day use
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