Lincoln POWER MIG 140 MP Multi-Process Welder - K4498-1

Item #: LINK4498-1
Mfg #: K4498-1
Lincoln POWER MIG 140 MP Multi-Process Welder - K4498-1

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Lincoln POWER MIG 140 MP Multi-Process Welder - K4498-1


Top Features:

This multiprocess capable unit that is lightweight and portable connects to 120V household power and is an excellent choice for MIG, DC TIG, Stick and Flux-Cored welding.


Versatile Performance

  • Multiprocess unit capable of MIG welding 30-140 amps, DC TIG welding 10-120 amps, and Stick welding 25-90 amps.


Easy to Use

  • Simple two knob operation for controlling wire feed speed and voltage. Single button allows for easy process selection changes.


Compact Design

  • Lightweight and portable at 34.5 lbs. Conveniently plugs into household 120V power.


  • Magnum® PRO 100L gun and 10 ft.
  • .025 tapered contact tips
  • .035 tapered contact tips
  • Gasless nozzle for Innershield® welding
  • Gas nozzle for MIG welding
  • Spindle adapter for 8" spools
  • .025 -.035 in. wire diameter dual track drive roll for MIG and flux-cored welding


Shielding Gas Apparatus

  • Harris® Gas Regulator and 52" hose for use with Ar/ CO2 blend gases.


Welding Wire

  • Sample spool of .025 SuperArc® L-56® premium MIG wire
  • Sample) spool of .035 Innershield® NR®-211-MP flux-cored wire


Other Accessories

  • Work clamp and 10 ft. cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick Start guide
  • Electrode holder 10 ft. 


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