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Mfg #: 907478001

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    LINE-X Cover workbench-tough for everyday use.
    Infinite Arc Control allows the arc characteristics to be changed for specific applications in Stick, MIG and FCAW.
    Improved arc performance for Stick & Self-shielded Wire - eliminating Stick arc flaring issues and enhanced MIG/FCAW arc control.
    Factory-preset DIG settings (Stick)
    • Hot Start (Stick)
    • Lift-Arc TIG with Auto-Stop
    • Easy to use simple controls make it easy to setup and weld!
    Quiet operation: Improves work site communication with 40% less noise!
    Auto Remote Sense (ARS) detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of a remote/panel switch.
    Compatible with the Wireless Remote Hand Control. Improve productivity, eliminate clutter and cord tangles in the work area. Eliminate cord failure and associated downtime/repair costs and extend the operator's welding range without adding cord extensions.
    Weld Procedures Approved - several North American transmission pipeline projects have used this new PipePro to qualify for tough weld procedures.
    EPA Tier 4i Compliant - meets tough environmental compliance requirements.
    Mitsubishi 24.4 HP @ 1850 RPM water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine is designed to operate over 10,000 hours before the first basic overhaul. Backed by worldwide support and service.
    The Vault-ultimate control board reliability. Hardened solid-state control technology, housed in a sealed vault. The vault's sealed connections are made through watertight plugs that make these components impenetrable to dust and moisture.
    Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge displays coolant temperature. Engine stops if temperature exceeds 230°F (110°C).
    Fuel gauge
    • Hour meter function
    • Oil change interval
    • High coolant temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns
    • Low fuel shutdown engine shuts down before system runs out of fuel, making restarts easy.
    Thermal overload protection prevents machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.
    Optional Stainless Steel Appearance Package provides additional exterior protection to withstand corrosive environments.
Power Source Output Range
  • DC Stick 20-400 A
  • DC TIG 20-400 A
  • FCAW/MIG 14-40 V
Generator Rated Output at 40° C (104° F)
  • 12,000 Watts Peak, 10,000 Watts Continuous
Net Weight (without fuel)
  • 1018 lb (462 kg)t
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