Jackson HSL-100 NEXGEN Shadow Auto Darkening Helmet

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Jackson HSL-100 NEXGEN Shadow Auto Darkening Helmet

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Jackson HSL-100 NEXGEN Shadow Auto Darkening Helmet
The Jackson NexGen ¾ is truly the next generation of auto-darkening for the welding specialist.The NexGen offers the flexibility of digital technology with the stability of analog to make the smartest auto-darkening filter on the market! With Jackson s Intellisense ¾ technology the NexGen can sense the most precise welding applications, such as plasma arc and extreme Low Amp Tig.
  • 3N1 ¾ technology allows three modes of operation:weld (shades 9-13), grind (3), or torch (5)
  • Soft touch control panel eliminates contaminates and protects from outside environment
  • Standard size outer cover plate
  • 9 square inches of viewing area and four sensors
  • Two year warranty - Made in the U.S.A.
  • Intellisense ¾ technology allows unit to detect welds less than 5 amps
  • Four redundant sensors in a staggered design eliminate blocked sensors
  • Unit has auto shut-off after 60 minutes in torch and grind modes.
  • Weld mode has a 20 min. auto shut-off.
  • Versatile cartridge fits in most 4" x 5" vertical windows
  • Replaceable lithium batteries
  • Smart View ¾ LCD for fingertip control information
  • Low battery indicator
  • View Size: 3.8" x 2.35"
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