Smith Regulator Mount Flashback Arrestor (Pair) - H753

Item #: SMIH753
Mfg #: H753
Smith Regulator Mount Flashback Arrestor (Pair) - H753

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Smith Regulator Mount Flashback Arrestor (Pair) - H753

    • Built-in check valve prevents the reverse flow of gas
    • Requires no manual reset
    • Easy to install - attaches to standard Bfittings
    • High quality brass construction, case is rugged and corrosion resistant
    • Sintered stainless steel filter stops flashback fire
  • What is a flashback?
    • A flashback is an ignition of mixed gases in an oxy-fuel cutting and welding system.
    • Are flashback arrestors and check valves the same?
    • No. A check valve stops the reverse flow of gas; a flashback arrestor extinguishes a flashback fire.
    • Smiths flashback arrestor with built-in check valve does both.
    • Why do I need a flashback arrestor?
    • Mixed gas explosions and flashback fires can result in damage to equipment and/or severe personal injury or death.
    • Smith flashback arrestors with built-in check valves help prevent accidents caused by the reverse flow of gases and flashback fires.
    • What is the minimum pressure required to allow gas to flow through the flashback arrestors?
    • The built-in check valve requires a minimum of 2 psi to open allowing gas to flow through.
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