Tanis Angled Intake Unit - 220V Single Phase - AF-1032

Item #: TANAF-1032
Mfg #: AF-1032
Tanis Angled Intake Unit - 220V Single Phase - AF-1032

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Tanis Angled Intake Unit - 220V Single Phase - AF-1032

The Angled Intake Unit offers more versatility than any other model. The triangular shaped intake attachments offer three uniform mounting surfaces that share the same bolt pattern which allows any of the three surfaces to be mounted to the main housing in any 90 degree rotation. Once youve decided which surface to mount to the main housing you can choose which surface you want to mount you filter flange to and which one you would like to block off, this will determine which direction you will be pulling air from.
    The Angled Intake Unit can achieve the same efficiencies as the Straight Intake Unit, the only difference is that the largest bag filters that the Angled Unit can house is 15deep which means a slightly shorter filter life than the 22bags.
    These units are ideal for positioning directly over a source of smoke, fumes, or dust because the intakes can be aimed towards the source and pull the contaminants right into the filters.
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