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The United States has played a vital role in Bosch’s history. Back in 1906, our founder, Robert Bosch, a man of enterprise and vision, believed that one of the products he developed -- the magneto ignition system -- would provide a technological innovation that would be enthusiastically accepted in the U.S. marketplace. The product was a great success.

Ever since, U.S. customers continue to warmly respond to Bosch innovation and quality. Robert Bosch established his company on the strength of a product—the magneto—that represented an innovative "leap forward" in its day. So, from the very start, Bosch has represented leading-edge modernity in technology -- but, at the same time, our founder also espoused timeless and humanistic values. ...See more

Throughout the company's history, Bosch has been guided by these values. Bosch continues to be a company dedicated to innovation and forward movement while solidly grounded in the energizing culture created by our founder.


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