Most Popular Cutting Products

Oxy-fuel cutting is a cost-effective method of plate edge preparation for bevel and groove welding. It can be used to easily cut rusty and scaled plates and only requires moderate skill to produce successful results. The oxy-fuel gas cutting process creates a chemical reaction of oxygen with the base metal at elevated temperatures to sever the metal. The necessary temperature is maintained by a flame from the combustion of a selected fuel gas mixed with pure oxygen. Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) severs metal by melting a localized area of the material with a constricted electric arc that removes the molten material with a high velocity jet of hot ionized gas. The PAC process can be used to cut any electrically conductive metal if its thickness and shape permit full penetration by the plasma jet. Because the PAC process can be used to cut nonferrous materials, and is faster than oxy-fuel cutting with ferrous material less than three inches thick, it is the most economical alternative for many industrial applications. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 300 ratings and reviews