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About The Harris Products Group

The Harris Products Group was officially formed on May 1, 2006, with the combination of Gainesville, Georgia-based Harris Calorific, Inc. and Mason, Ohio-based J.W. Harris Company. Harris Calorific is a manufacturer of gas welding and cutting equipment, industrial and specialty gas regulation equipment, and gas distribution systems. J.W. Harris, on the other hand, is a manufacturer of brazing and soldering alloys and welding consumables. ...See more

The merger resulted from a series of acquisitions by The Lincoln Electric Company, starting with the purchase of Harris Calorific in 1990 and followed by the addition of J.W. Harris in 2005. Included in the J.W. Harris acquisition was Autobraze, a manufacturer of precision brazing rings and return bends utilized in the HVAC industry. Later in 2005, Lincoln acquired Gulf Wire Corporation, a manufacturer of aluminum and stainless welding consumables, and Filler Metals, a supplier of niche welding alloys.

The Harris Products Group includes facilities in the United States, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Mexico, giving the company a broad global footprint.


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