HGX Propane

What is HGX Propane Fuel?

HGX is an LPG (Propane) based fuel gas that out-produces acetylene for cutting and brazing at a fraction of the cost.

A 100 lb. cylinder of HGX Propane Fuel provides over five times the BTUs of a standard #5 acetylene cylinder, while costing less.
Finally there is a reliable fuel gas for cutting, heating, and brazing operations that will provide higher performance than acetylene, at a much lower price. HGX is the new standard of economy, performance, and safety for gases used in these metal-working processes. HGX is a superior high temperature, high heat content fuel gas with worldwide availability.

Faster Preheating and Piercing Rates For Cutting
The piercing flame temperature of HGX Fuel Gas exceeds the flame temperature of most cutting fuels. It starts the cut as rapidly as acetylene and preheats and pierces faster than other combined cutting fuels at a lower cost.

Faster Heat Transfer for Brazing, Heating, Bending, Cambering, Straightening, Hardening, and Melting Operations
Whether you are using an HGX/oxygen mixture or an HGX/air mixture, the superior heating value allows for faster heat transfer to the metal. This means faster brazing, heating, and metal working operations.

Faster Cutting Travel Speeds
HGX Fuel Gas is capable of cutting travel speeds equal to acetylene while using lower quantities of oxygen than acetylene during cuts of up to 15 thick. Furthermore, LPG and other types of fuel gases are not as fast in cutting steel, yet they use much greater quantities of oxygen for the same amount of production.The highest combined inner and outer flame temperature plus the neutral flame temperature in oxygen provides the highest total heating value in the industry. HGX Fuel Gas has greater practical value than any other cutting fuel.

Why HGX?
Less Expensive
  • More BTU per dollar
  • Less cylinder handling cost
  • Less cylinder rental
  • Equipment lasts longer
Product Performance
  • More BTU per cubic foot
  • Less chipping and grinding
  • Less top edge roll-over
  • Less hardening on cut face
  • Broad preheat adjustment range
  • Resistant to flashback and backfire
  • Can be used at higher pressures
  • Less U.V. protection required
  • Not sensitive to shock
  • Less soot to pollute workplace
Cylinder Convenience
  • More product per cylinder
  • Less weight per cylinder
  • Less costly to maintain

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