Most Popular Hypertherm Powermax 65

The Hypertherm Powermax 65 helps you do more than ever before. The Powermax 65 features four Duramax torch styles that provide greater versatility and enable operators to easily select the right tool for the job. Smart Sense technology automatically adjusts gas pressure according to cutting mode and torch lead length for optimum cutting. The Hypertherm Powermax 65 also has the latest plasma torch design. The handle is more heat resistant and performs at least five times longer in high impact tests than previous torches. The Powermax 65 torch also features the Hypertherm patented Conical Flow nozzle that increases arc energy density for superior cut quality with little dross.

Cut capacity on Mild Steel or Aluminum:
Recommended: up to 3/4" (19 mm)
Maximum: up to 1" (25 mm)
Severance: up to 1-1/4"
Mechanized Pierce Capacity: 1/2" (12mm)

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