Hypertherm Student Discount Promotion

How much is the rebate for?
  • Powermax 30 - $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Powermax 45XP - $200 Visa Gift Card
  • Powermax 65 - $300 Visa Gift Card
  • Powermax 85 - $400 Visa Gift Card
  • Powermax 105 - $500 Visa Gift Card

  • How do you know if you’re eligible?
  • You are a current student or recent graduate (within the past year) from a welding or metal fabrication program at an accredited school or training organization.
  • You’re making your purchase of a Hypertherm Powermax30/45/65/85 or 105 within one year of the date of your graduation.
  • You are buying your Powermax system from an authorized Hypertherm channel partner.
  • This is the first, and only, time you are claiming this rebate.

  • What Hypertherm needs from you:
    Within 60 days after system purchase, send this completed form, and legible copies of your system invoice and proof of attendance or graduation (enrollment form or diploma/certificate) to:

    Betsy VanDuyne, Hypertherm, Inc.,
    PO Box 5010,
    Hanover, NH 03755 USA
    Phone: (603) 643-3441 ext. 1278
    email: betsy.vanduyne@hypertherm.com

    Hypertherm Student Discount Promotion Items

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