Hypertherm Torches



RT60 & 80 Torches

Hypertherm's RT60 retrofit torch delivers improved cutting performance and extended consumable life.

Compatible with: Powermax600, Powermax800, Powermax900, MAX42, MAX43

This capable 60-amp torch solution promises faster cut speeds whether your Powermax or MAX is part of a manual or a mechanized system.

Sure to set new standards in your operation's metal cutting, the RT60 is the right choice for fabricators using original PAC121/123/125T torches.

Increased cutting speeds - This capable 60-amp solution promises faster cutting speeds whether your Powermax® or MAX® is part of a handheld or mechanized system.

Longer consumable life - The RT60 brings Coaxial-assist™ jet technology to your system for improved contact-starting and remarkable consumable life advantages.

Decreased cutting costs - Increased cutting speeds and longer consumable life lead to greater overall productivity for a decrease in the cost of cutting. ...See more

Duramax Torches

Sharpen your cutting edge!

Experience up to a 55% increase in consumable life, more reliable arc-starting and a torch handle that is 5 times more impact resistant and 20% more heat resistant.

Upgrade to Duramax torch technology. Standard hand torch, straight hand torch and machine torch now available!

Easy plug-and-play upgrade for:
  • Powermax1000
  • Powermax1250
  • Powermax1650

  • More durable - Proprietary, fiber-reinforced torch handle is 5 times more impact resistant and 20% more heat resistant to withstand your toughest metal-cutting applications.

    More consumable life - Conical Flow™ nozzle and Spring electrode give you up to 55% more consumable life for up to a 30% reduction in consumable costs.

    More reliable arc-starting - Spring Start electrode technology eliminates moving parts in the torch for more reliable arc-starting.

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