Most Popular MIG Welders

MIG welders are the most popular type of welder. Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, and ESAB represent the top brands in the welding industry. All-in-one MIG Welders feature a power source and wire feeder in one package. Miller, Lincoln, and ESAB all offer ready-to-weld packages that only require the addition of shielding gas to begin using the MIG Welder.

Why MIG/Flux cored? MIG and flux cored welding offer advantages over other welding processes, especially for the novice. With these two processes, the welding machine creates an arc between the work piece (what you want to weld) and a continuously consumable electrode (the "wire" in these wire welding processes). The operator need only focus on directing the MIG gun at the joint and proper motion. Most welding machines that can MIG weld can also flux cored weld. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 300 ratings and reviews