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About Tillman

In 1928, the John Tillman Co. was formed to provide personal protection solutions for welders and other industrial workers. Founded in the Southern California "oil district" of Signal Hill, Tillman quickly rose to be known as the top manufacturer of quality welding gloves and leather protective garments. Tillman's 750, the original "pipeliner's" glove is still in the product line to this day! What was once a handful of products, now encompasses over 1,000 different items.

Product lines include Gloves (Arc, MIG, TIG, drivers, work, specialty, high heat), clothing (leather, lightweight fire retardant, high heat), Welding blankets, Curtains/screens, and Accessories. We have both domestic (CA,AZ) and international (Mexico, China) production as well as distribution facilities in CA, GA, and IL to serve our customers. At Baker's Gas, we offer genuine John Tillman products. ...See more

We are proud of our heritage, product quality, order turnaround, and fulfillment. All of these are key ingredients that have helped us to become one of the leading suppliers to the welding industry and The Brand Pros Demand.


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