Most Popular Welding Gloves

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Baker's provides a wide selection of MIG, TIG, and Stick ARC Welding Gloves. We offer welding gloves from the top brands in the industry including Tillman, Black Stallion, and Miller.

MIG welding gloves are available in a wide variety of options. MIG welding doesn’t produce as much heat as the TIG welding process, it still generates quite a lot of heat while requiring more dexterity.

TIG welding gloves provide a adequate level of protection but more freedom of movement. These welding gloves are often made of kidskin (goatskin). While still being durable, kidskin is thin enough to feel your work through the unlined finger areas when TIG welding.

Stick welding gloves are made of thick and durable leather, like cowhide, that covers the hands, wrists and sometimes forearms.

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