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Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Water patrol deputy Chris Guise spends his days patrolling the waters of his parish, going between wetlands and waterways, but in his off time, he spends hours welding in his shop at home. Guise has been welding since he was a teenager, and he would

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Welding Projects with Yard Sale Materials

Yard sale season is in full swing, and while you may not be in the market for a used dresser or outdated TV set, yard sales can be an excellent place to find unusual, useful welding supplies. Some of our favorite welding projects are constructed

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Get the Specs on Miller’s New Dynasty 400 TIG Welder

The Miller Dynasty 400 TIG welder with AC/DC stick welding is a new welding machine from Miller Electric that offers a wide range of welding capabilities in a compact and powerful machine. The current promotion on Baker’s Gas and Welding offers up to $800 in


Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

High school student Sue Ellen M. Linn, 17, will be graduating from high school and a college-level welding program simultaneously. Linn took a series of dual credit high school classes that counted toward a college welding degree at Iowa Central. Image Source Linn’s father attended


Why Welders Choose the New ESAB Sentinel A50

ESAB has introduced a fresh, revolutionary welding helmet design with its new Sentinel A50 helmet. The Sentinel A50 is a top selling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding. While there’s no shortage of affordable, high quality helmets on the market from brands such as Speedglas, Miller, and

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Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

The bomb squad at the Scranton, PA Police Department had a special request for the Johnson College Welding Training Center. Students were asked to build heavy duty steel frame doors that can hold a door in place for bomb deactivation training. Image Source With the

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Save Big on Miller Electric’s Welding Supply Bundles

Now is the time save big on Miller Electric’s bestselling welders. Miller Electric has introduced the newest version of their popular Build with Blue rebate program. In sweetening the deal, Miller has now added the ability to bundle your welding accessories and additional equipment with each welder.

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6 Welding Projects for the Birds This Spring

The weather is warm, the flowers are up and spring is finally here. You don’t have to be a master gardener or a sharp-eyed bird watcher to thoroughly enjoy spring, your welding skills can come in incredibly handy too. This month we’ve rounded up 6


Comparing the Three Hottest Welding Helmets

Now is the best time to buy a new welding helmet for the first time or to upgrade your current helmet. Three of the leading welding brands have updated and improved their industry-leading helmets. We had Andrew weld with all three and give us some


Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

The original Superior Welding Shop in Hutchinson, Kansas is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year and is still going strong. The company was started in 1917 by Hugh Glass who offered welding services and machine work. However, after 5 years, Glass also began teaching welding