Why Not Consider Freelance Welding?

open door classics 1We’ve reached the dawn of a new era. . . alright, I’ll quit the melodramatics.

Though being a welder is more secure than other occupations, nothing beats being in business for yourself. Freelancing your welding services is one way to do it.

People usually associate freelancing with graphic design, website development, and (more so than the others) writing. You can divide your welding knowledge and skills into all of those areas and more. Become a  Jack or Jill of all trades in the welding world and experience how freelancing is an open door opportunity to independence.


Career Options For Freelance Welding:

Freelance Welding Consultant

A freelance welding consultant is someone that has expert knowledge of welding, which may include the welding industry itself and/or the practice of welding. The best consultants are experts in all areas of welding and other fields like marketing. Their clients are generally on the business side of the welding field and need advice on issues like how to attract the welding crowd to an event, service, and/or product.

Freelance Welding Illustrator

You have no idea how many times I have searched all over to find a good welding illustration for this blog, and I’m sure I’m not alone! Welding websites, blogs, magazines, etc. all need good graphics to accompany their content. Further, you can take the lead of cartoonist T. McCracken and have your illustrations available for print on different items, such as mugs, T-shirts, and plates.

Freelance Welding Instructor

No point in putting your knowledge to waste! If you’re more into teaching, you can freelance as a welding instructor. Many companies hire professional welders to hold classes for beginning to advanced welders. Note: Some may require that you have a degree, certification, and a certain number of years under your belt as a welder before you can begin instructing. Others still may require that you pass an employer-issued test in order to qualify for the position.

open door 1Freelance Welder

Many of you may be doing this already. You can offer your skills as a welder to anyone- from your friend that needs an auto workup to schools and non-profit organizations. Theaters as well may need a welder to help create stage props and the like.

Freelance Welding Writer

This is a field I enjoy thoroughly! If you hold a readers attention while dealing out your knowledge of welding there are many opportunities as a freelance welding writer. You can begin by sending out queries to magazines specifically for welding – such as Welding Magazine – or in other industries such as engineering. Opportunities for freelance welding writers are all over! You can write for a website, newsletter, etc. The sky’s the limit here!

Now, it will take more than having the right welding knowledge and skill to be a freelancer. Freelancers are responsible for collecting payments from clients, their own schedules, and filing the right forms for taxes- everything that you wouldn’t normally do working under an employer. Despite this, don’t see freelancing as an open door of uncertainty; see it as an open door to freedom and prosperity. Have any of you worked on any freelance welding projects? What has your experience been with freelancing?

5 thoughts on “Why Not Consider Freelance Welding?”

  1. Dan W says:

    how do I realy getting started with the freelance welding thing cause Im thinking about opening a welding shop in the little town of Hartley IA and think freelancing could help, hopefully could get started with that and helping farmers fix equipment. but I think freelancing would be realy helpfull

  2. Baker's says:

    Great question Dan! While I may not have the exact answers you’re looking for, I hope these ideas might get you started in the right direction.
    If you haven’t already, please check out these other post about starting a welding business:
    Like one of those posts mentions, you could probably pick up some jobs just by going around to places of business, and in your case to farms and construction sites, and start handing out your business card. Ask people if they need any welding jobs done and tell them your specific skills.

  3. radu says:

    great article!

  4. George says:

    It will take more than having the right welding knowledge and skill to be a freelancer. That’s the point, to be a freelancer, is luxury. It’s really hard to get there.

  5. Ken Kinnan says:

    Looking for advice on getting back into the production welding trade as a freelance welder. Is there a web site that can guide me through what I need to do to set up my business and ideas on marketing myself? I’m retired from John Deere with over 30 years of experience. I had over 12 years experience as a welder before retiring as the plant manufacturing quality engineer in charge of factory welding. Any information would be helpful. Thank You!

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