Ideas for Building Fire Pits

During the fourth of July did you have to trek to your local park or camping area to find a fire pit? If you did, consider making your own in your backyard. Making your own will save you time and energy, and it can save you money if you’re considering it as an alternative to buying a new grill.

Ok, so making a basic fire pit is pretty simple, even for beginners. You can find online instructions here, here or here (ok, so these don’t actually require tons of welding – but hey, you could always add some).

If you’re bored with those instructions, think about adding some embellishments such as a fluted handle or delicate scrollwork.

There are various styles of fire pit including traditional ones that are built in the ground or ones on stands that you can transport and set up on a deck or patio.

Check out The Brick House’s DIY modern fire pit (and Morgan’s awesome xeriscaped backyard). If you’ve got kids and you’re worried about burning their delicate fingers, consider surrounding the pit with bricks.

Check out home depot’s instructions to building a fire pit with a fire bowl. Replace the wood frame with a metal frame to flex your welding muscles.

You can also sign up for a fire pit welding class. Just search for welding fire pit and your hometown to find classes like this one in Providence, Rhode Island.

If you’re really looking for a challenge, consider building this low grill that rotates to add wood or charcoal.

Via: Miller

For safety, remember to build fire pits far away from any buildings. You may also want to consider adding another outside ring or stones or bricks to help insulate the heat and prevent burned fingers and toes.

Also, remember that some towns actually ban you from building a fire pit in your own backyard. Instead, build a grill!

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