Videos and Tips: Certification for SMAW 6G Pipe

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Welding certification serves a purpose far beyond just pleasing your employers; it is a measure of your skill level as a welder. Now there are obviously some amazing welders out there without certification, but in this tough job market their skills will easily be overlooked without that AWS stamp of approval, welding credentials, proof of their skills – basically certification.

Certified pipe welders can earn as much money as a doctor, believe it or not, so this makes pipe welding certification one of the most sought after in the welding fields.

A few days ago we introduced you to two videos by YouTube user Jad31682 that focused on welding SMAW 6G pipe. What makes the 6G pipe position any more important than other positions? Learning how to weld the 6G pipe position covers basically all pipe welding positions. Here are the last two videos for SMAW 6G pipe welding from Jad31682. The videos are a little over 13 minutes long total (not each!). Scroll down afterwards for more information on earning certification for the SMAW 6G pipe position.

6G Pipe Welding Videos

Welding Cetification Tips

Practice advises that welders practice, practice, practice in order to get certification for the 6G pipe positions. Go with the basics first, like try welding 1-4G plates with open roots then move on to 2-5G open root pipe welds. After working with those sets, welding the 6G pipe position should come easier.


Set Up Welding Machine Properly

As one (if not the most) important points of welding, welders need to set their welding machines to the correct settings for all positions in pipe welding. Some advice on which settings work best for which welding positions can be found at


Understand Exactly What The Certification Test Requires

Certification for the 6G Fixed Position clearly states:

“Now the test will be placed in the fixed position. The test piece will be marked in position with a marker and the inspector may see the test anytime during the testing. (DURING THE TEST, THE PIECES SHALL NOT BE MOVED IN ANY DIRECTION AND OR REMOVED FROM THE TESTING PLACE WITHOUT THE INSPECTORS APPROVAL.)”




You can find more advice, tips, and plenty of pictures with detailed descriptions on certification for the 6G pipe position at If you’ve earned pipe welding certification or are working towards that goal, what tips do you have for other welders looking to earn certification?

2 thoughts on “Videos and Tips: Certification for SMAW 6G Pipe”

  1. cliff leonard says:

    In stick welding, the writer states in one sentence that downhill welding is easy but not very strong.That is very wrong. I have welded on pipelines in a downhill position for 50 years.Remember the first 2 numbers of a rod like 7010 means 70,000 psi in any position,uphill, downhill,flat,everhead,and horizontal.

  2. irham yahya says:

    in welding 6G,some times have one ore two layer in weld capping. which is better between both teqnique, and what the strong points.? pengelasan smaw

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