Jobs in Offshore Welding

Offshore welding jobs are considered by some to be the best jobs for welders during these difficult economic times. Why? Because jobs in land-based careers such construction can be hard to find, and it can be difficult to go to school for extra training. There are many job openings in offshore welding on the rigs and many welders find it to be an exciting adventure as it is far from your traditional job.

There are two main kinds of welding jobs for offshore welders. One kind is done above water on the rigs and the other kind is done underwater. Above water jobs are for welders who are experienced and most employers prefer those who have AWS certifications. Underwater welders need to be both a certified welder and a licensed commercial diver.

If you already have certification as a welder, you will have no trouble finding a job on an offshore rig. Contractors often post jobs on the job boards and offshore welders make good wages. On average, an offshore welder can make about $5500 for two weeks out of 7-12 week terms. For working six months, around $66,000 is pretty standard pay. As mentioned, underwater welders have to have additional training to be both divers and welders, but this is one of the best paying careers a welder can find.

While you can make good money as an offshore welder, the conditions that you will work under are very challenging. Typically you would work 2-4 weeks then have 2-4 weeks off. This is a rotating schedule. You also would have very limited recreational options as you would be living in close quarters with others miles out to sea.

Thankfully modern day advances have made it easier to live on the rigs. Satellite phones allow you to keep in touch with loved ones at any time. The food is usually very good as many rigs have chefs of their own. Weight rooms, rec rooms, movie rooms, hot tubs, and saunas are common now on many rigs. So there is usually something to do.

To be hired, you basically have to meet the qualifications and find the people who are hiring. You can find jobs worldwide on the offshore oil rigs, which is perfect for those looking for an adventure.

7 thoughts on “Jobs in Offshore Welding”

  1. Paolo Nicko Pedaria says:

    When I saw this blog,the first thing comes into my mind is excitment.I want to work in that offshore rig,cause i have a lot of work to know about welding and its very challenging for me,as of now im currently working here in middle east saudi arabia as welder,we made car body tank,this is my first time to work abroad,and i have 3yrs.contract,.but now ive done 1yr. and half,Im 22yrs.old from Phillipines..i know how to weld well,as my job here..but for me this is not enough,i know i have more things to know about welding,and im willing to know that on that site.Its very good to work there,specialy the accomodation,the benefits,the salary..what do i look for?hope someday if my contract here wil be finished,i can fnd a job hiring for offshore rig.thank you,and godbless

  2. Von Essen Consulting says:

    The difference between a contractor and a consultant is actually quite wide. If you take the example above in this blog about welders, then there is an obvious difference. A contractor will post a job specifically citing the skills needed, whether for an above or below contract, whereas a consultant is someone more tuned into the business itself. Someone who can pinpoint leaks in the oilrig and tell you how to plug them (metaphorically!) like the people on the books at Von Essen Consulting do.

  3. Forest Eaton says:

    There is really a great career on offshore job. I can attest that myself. I have been working offshore for 5 years now and I provide good money to my family’s needs.
    Start your career now.

    1. Dylan Ray says:

      How brother. Just let me know and I’ll do it.

  4. matty sallans says:

    Reading this does get you excited about working on an oil rig,I always watch shows on tv about the life on a rig and even knowing how different it is it would be uplifting to be apart of that lifstile.I have been a certified welder for a few year and have been welding and doing milwrite work for the past 15 years but this is a dieing trade with very little pay around hear.It’s sad but thats the way it is,To make that kind of money i could start to enjoy life with my wife and kids.Some day i hope to find a company that is hireing and show them i have what it takes to get the job done no matter how long it takes…Thanks for reading..matty.

  5. Hermine says:

    I also got a job in an oil rig as a welder from the job opportunities on this site Thank you Baker’s for such a nice post.

  6. james .B says:

    ive paied to use that site never has got me job been welding in feild steel mills reffinerys most my adult life over 20 years

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