Useful Tips for Welding Inconel Alloy

Tips for Welding Inconel

Inconel refers to a group of specific nickel-chromium alloys that are used in different welding processes.  Inconel is most commonly used in techniques that require a high heat tolerance.  Welding Inconel can be rather difficult because the welds that are created have a tendency to crack.  There are a few alloys of Inconel that were specifically designed for use in welding. They are most commonly welded using tungsten inert gas welding or TIG as it is commonly known.

Best Results

To achieve the best results when welding using an Inconel alloy you should use Inconel 625 filler metal.  This is the easiest Inconel alloy to weld and is effective when two Inconel pieces need to be welded together.  You can also use Inconel 625 to weld other metals that are dissimilar in composition, such as stainless steel.  When using Inconel to weld it is common for the weld pool to be poorly defined.  Inconel fillers tend to leave a skin like film on the surface of the weld pool and is dirty in appearance.  If this occurs during your welding there is no need for alarm, this is a common side effect of using Inconel as part of your welding.  Strong welds are produced using Inconel, which are highly resistant to corrosion when they are properly applied.

The most common method used when welding using Inconel is the TIG technique.  This method allows the welder to have more control over the weld than other methods, such as GMAW and SMAW.  It is important for the welder to have better control of the weld due to the difficulty that the alloy can present.  You must put in a lot of practice time in order to become proficient using TIG and Inconel.  Welding Inconel using TIG is very demanding on the welder and the more practice you have working with the alloy the better you will become.

Automated Technique

You may also want to consider using an automated welding technique when you are required to work with Inconel.  Plasma arc welding uses a more focused welding arc and is easily automated.  You can also use pulsed micro laser welding, which is gaining in popularity among welders when you have to weld using Inconel.  Welding Inconel is a very demanding process and should not be attempted by beginners; it takes time to master the skill of working with Inconel and it is not something that can easily be learned overnight.  But once you have the knowledge and skill, working with Inconel will not be as intimidating.

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34 thoughts on “Useful Tips for Welding Inconel Alloy”

  1. pete cain says:

    Can you weld 316 stainless to Inconel with 316 TIG wire?

    1. Tim says:

      From what I understand, Hastelloy W wire is a good mutual wire for that. At least I hope because that’s what I use on rocket parts lol

      1. Patio says:

        Yes definitely use hast w. We use it here for aviation when welding ss a286

  2. Muskaan says:

    Thanks for that little tip about tendency of few inconel all to crack. That is something one should know prior to welding to avoid further mess. TIG technique is also explained well and is easily understandable.

  3. mike williams says:

    I am welding six inch pipe stainless 316 I have a miller mig 350p I have never welded with inconel before and it has become a grinding mess I have finally got the 625 filler rod

  4. Gary Arnold says:

    Looking for info re Inconel rod 4132. Need to know what metals it can be used on and if it can be used to weld two different metals together. Plus any other helpful tips. Thank you.

  5. mike says:

    i am in need of an experienced welder that can weld Inconel to Inconel. Do you have and advise?

    1. Josh says:

      Hello mike.
      I have experience in inconel. And many nickel alloys. Where are you located/ need the work done.
      Thank you.

      1. Ahmad Naseem says:

        Hello Josh,
        Ever experienced or tried welding inconel alloys to titanium alloys?


  6. Alamgir says:

    When weld on I inconel pipe , X-ray report show me only straight mark. That is not on root. What is the welding problem and how to solve?

  7. John Castell says:

    Could anyone advise why the cracks occur and what measures can be taken to avoid of minimise this please?


    1. martin berger says:

      maybe u didnt use enough filler wire.or maybe ur gap was too tight.try a purge

    2. Jeff Fogle says:

      Preheat and postheat. Use tig and bevel the joints burn in and braze out with stainless 316L.
      As you get to the top let off the pedal and use very little power to feather in the finish. If it is hot out you don’t have to postheat.
      Jeff Fogle
      J-Fab Welding

    3. Patioharry says:

      All you need to do is clean parts well acetone, scotchbrite, have gas flow 15-20 cfh. And absolutely most important is to crater out when finishing the weld. Taper off the peddle gradually, very slowly and bring the puddle (extinguishing arc) off to the parent metal side of the puddle.

  8. Muhammed Iqbal says:

    Can you please tell me the weldability of IN713C…and if so which will be the ideal filler rod?

    1. Jeff Fogle says:

      Anything can be welded or Brazed and or a combination of the two. That being said try some tests on scraps of what you are doing.
      Get the pieces ready and start by welding them will no fill then go back to start and see if the filler rod is excepted to the base metal if so then get going and make sure you pre and postheat.
      Good luck
      jeff fogle

  9. Debo A. says:

    What filler metal I use to weld INCONEL 783 to INCONEL 783?

    1. Jeff Fogle says:

      Its most allways at least the next grade up.

  10. Sikhubo sibanda says:

    I just wanted to know if i have never welded incconel for a start as a welder who has close to 15 years can he not weld on the work piece first time and master its art of cracking and avoid it

    1. Jeff Fogle says:

      If u can bevel the joints then, Preheat to 300 -350 degrees then take your time and get everything you will need ready and let the work piece settle in to the atmosphere . Then you get comfortable and strike the torch starting out with low power then raise the power til you see the base metal start to sweat as it does start to add fill rod as the fill is getting thick slide the torch back and braze throu the filler metal in to the base metal all at the same time you will shape the top/ cake.
      Remember inconel will be like welding lead.
      Good luck and know that anything can be fixed and machined.

      1. Patioharry says:

        Anything can be fixed? Really??? Even a $700,000 t700 with tollerences as low as .001″.. I think not

    2. Jeff Fogle says:

      Yes if u do ur research and apply methods that will work for what u are doing.
      Here’s what i discovered.
      When welding inconel with Stainless. Use the hardfacing method. Inconel is softer that Stainless. So the inconel becomes the basemetal and the Stainless becomes the h

  11. Feri says:

    Dear Sir
    I need your help
    I am welding inconel 625 as filler metal and liner ( 3 mm ) and use carbon pipe as wrap
    always found intermittent LOF between liner and carbon steel when I do shield welding 2 passes

    please give me suggestion for close my problem
    below the parameter:
    1. Base : 180
    2. Peak : 200
    3. T.Speed: 170
    4. Wfs : 1300
    5. AVC: 10.4
    6: Freq: 5
    7. G.Flow : 19
    8. T. Angle : 78 deg


  12. mehrdad says:

    what is the industry application of dissimilar wed of inconel 617 to 321 stainless steel?

  13. Matthew says:

    We are trying to run 617 on 317l.. need help on welder settings with .045 solid wire voltage wire speed and gas. We are using pulse and spray. Tried a trip mix, 75/25 ardon helium. Nothing is working..

  14. bRUCE says:


  15. Glen Stockstill says:

    I have al kinds of welding rods that my father in law had he has recently passed, I have income 625 ,347, there is what looks like brass rods ,might be copper ,stainless stel, aluminum problely 30 to 40 bundles ,would like to sell them I have no use for them ,need help on pricing it?

  16. Santhosh says:

    Please help to avoid overlay cracking…I am overlaying inconel upon inconel …

  17. neal mackenzie says:

    Can you weld alloy 600 to alloy 718? trying to weld a 3/4 pipe of 600 grade to a 4″ 300 lb flange in 718.

  18. David says:

    Glen stockstill, Send me a picture and what you have and what your looking to get for the bundle to David.ward870 at yahoo. Put welding in subject please. Thank you

  19. Ahmad Naseem says:

    Need some Help regarding Friction Stir Welding Process


  20. Nisarg says:

    I would like to know the possibility of welding 50 mm thick plates of Inconel 625….is it possible? what will be the best filler material?

  21. Dahmian says:

    Hi can u weld 316 stanles to inconel without causing ..!!cracks!! Any advise guys??

  22. Ashish says:

    why do cracks occur when we weld low alloy steel to inconel. i was able to find the reason the reason for the opposite proces, i.e. inconel to low alloy steel. when we weld low alloy steel on inconel, as soon as it is cooled the cracks will stat occuring just below the interface into the low alloy steel. please help!

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