Finding Welding Work Overseas

With the current state of our economic and job situations, many welders are trying to find areas that they can branch into or to relocate to areas where welding is highly sought after.  Welders can make a lot of money when the economy is stable, but in our unstable times many welders have begun to consider moving overseas to find stable work.  One of the main benefits to working overseas is that the pay is significantly higher than it is here and experienced welders are in high demand overseas.  What we are going to do is offer you some helpful advice if you are considering working overseas.

The first thing that you need to do is to obtain your welding certification if you haven’t done so already.  It is also recommended that you become certified in multiple areas which make your search for welding work much easier.  If you are relatively new to the field of welding, you should also have a couple years of welding experience.  The more experience you have here will make you more desirable to companies overseas that are looking for welders.  They will likely choose someone with a higher amount of experience over someone who is just beginning.

If you are a certified underwater welder, you should seek work at shipyards along both coasts.  Certified underwater welders have the ability to make even more money working overseas.  Underwater welding is a highly sought after skill, especially among companies located overseas.  You may also want to search contracts for building and development that will take place overseas.  These can typically range from a six month to a two year contract.  This amount of time can differ, and depending on how long you would like to work overseas, you should look for a contract that will fit that time frame.

Welders looking to work overseas can also inquire at companies that have locations all around the world.  These larger companies tend to hire welders as the positions are needed.  Another resource for welders wishing to relocate overseas is to apply for overseas welding jobs within the military.  With military equipment located worldwide, the military is constantly looking for experienced welders who are willing to relocate and perform the necessary repairs.  Working overseas can be a very rewarding endeavor both personally and financially.  You will be able to experience different lifestyles and customs, as well as see locations that you never imagined you could.

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17 thoughts on “Finding Welding Work Overseas”

  1. kevin brown says:

    I have been a welder for 14 years mig tig stick and flox core stainless steel

    1. dana says:

      hey kev, it’s dana. trying to reach you:

  2. Jasmine Talley says:

    seeking a mig or tig welding job overseas. entry level

  3. viet nguyen says:

    i have been a welding 35 years

  4. Charles Odiya says:

    I am aTig and Arc welder for the last 20 years experience.I am looking for welding job on contract basis.Currently in Kenya and ready for relocation at any given opportunity.
    Looking forward for your fevorable consideration.

  5. Curtis says:

    Qualified welder, 6 years experience, 6g tig certified

  6. Tarik says:

    I have certification papers in SWAC, GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW…Carbon, Stainless, & Aluminum. 40yrsold still employed with the same company for 21 years..20 years welding experience. Interested in work abroad.

  7. Jake Pearce says:

    i am a welder of 8 years been out for 2 years working in the skydiving industry, i am fully worked on tig mig mag mma, in all metals other than TI
    Work in marine, construction, automotive, custom – bikes – cars – ornamental – extreme sports.

  8. ben moranville says:

    Currently living in Illinois been welding and pipefitting for past 14years Tig stick and MIG

  9. Chris white says:

    I am certified in smaw,mig,flux core, as well as i have two years exp in the railcar repair where i have gained my hazwhooper level 2 and my vt inspection level 1.

  10. Randy Haller says:

    Do you have any good recommendations for contract companies seeking experienced and certified welders?

  11. John Franks says:

    I a welder who has 8yrs experience in SMAW and TIG. I am my experience from the US NAVY. And in currently a welder for dallas county in Dallas texas…I am looking for more welding job opportunities.

  12. Ty James says:

    I’m a master’s graduate in welding with 1 year but I’m looking for overseas work. I’ll work anywhere, any climate, any hours. But not full time

  13. Edward O Donovan says:

    Apprentiship served Metal Fabricator/welder with 35 years pipefitting experience at home and overseas.Seeking work .Travel not a problem

  14. Kevin Seal says:

    I’m a structural fitter & 6GR fluxcore welder, Mig, stick an alum. Been doing both trades for 18 years looking for overseas work. Thanks

  15. matt cayer says:

    I am a Journeyman Level A redseal certified welder.
    I have been welding for 6 years in the oil and gas industry in northern British Columbia and Alberta Canada.
    Here is a list of my skills and welding processes used.
    *Certified in CSTS-09 Training, reg # 11570047
    *Demonstrated skill welding with (GTAW) – TIG, shielded-metal arc welding (SMAW), flux-cored arc (FCAW) – MIG, gas-metal arc (GMAW) welding, metal-cored arc welding (MCAW) andsubmerged arc welding (SAW) and oxy-acetylene (OFC), fusion, braze welding and soldering processes (OAW)
    *Excellent understanding of basic metallurgy and intermediate blueprint reading
    *Strong knowledge of applied math and materials handling
    *Confident in using different welding processes on different metals in all positions on Structural and Pipe
    *Valid Class 5 Drivers License & own transportation
    *Physically dexterous and able to perform a variety of activities involving mild, medium, and/or heavy physical labour
    *Willing and able to learn and perform other duties and obtain training as required
    *Proficient in working in a team environment as well as function independently.

    I am very interested in working overseas anywhere. I will locate immediately

  16. Time Nkuna says:

    Qualified welder …currently manufacturing trains at Transnet Rail Engineering looking to explore my skills abroad

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