Is It Time to Upgrade to the Millermatic 252 MIG Welder?

For welders and fabricators looking for a powerful and durable MIG welding machine that is easy to set up, use, and clean up, the Millermatic 252 from Miller Electric is worth a long look. In fact, a savings of nearly $700 (as of this writing) at Baker’s Gas and Welding on the Millermatic 252 isn’t necessarily the best reason to upgrade from a model like the Millermatic 211.

Welding with Millermatic 252

The Millermatic 252 is among the highest outputs in its class of welders, offering 250A at 28VDC so that welders can work longer on larger, high-end applications. If you’re routinely welding large pieces of metal for long periods of time or you need a heavy-duty machine that can take the punishment of a busy shop, the Millermatic 252 should be one of your top choices.Millermatic 252

Right now the Millermatic 252 is Build with Blue! That means you can take advantage of our great sale price plus get a $300 rebate from Miller. To take full advantage of the rebate program spend $500 on accessories (anything Miller or Hobart- example gloves, jacket, spool gun, tips, ect.) and get another $200 rebate. For a total rebate of $500! On top of that Baker’s is throwing a FREE spool of wire. This is a deal you don’t want to miss. Call us or message us if you have any questions about the machine or the rebate structure.

Auto-Gun Detect for MIG Welding

Entering your settings from scratch every time you start welding isn’t an issue with the Millermatic 252. With the auto-gun detect feature, your MIG gun, spool gun, or push-pull gun can automatically remember your last settings. That includes your voltage, wire speed, and timer of your gun. When you’re working on a large project or repeat what you’re working on throughout the day, this feature can save a lot of time setting up your machine.

Angled Wire Drive for MIG Guns

Welders who need to pump a lot of wire into their welds each day need a reliable and sturdy setup that ensures they can weld effectively without the costly delays of jams or machine breakdowns. The Millermatic 252 offers an industrial aluminum dual-gear drive system that feeds wire effectively and efficiently without downtime. You can store drive rolls right on the machine so that you can easily swap them out and get back to work.

This angled aluminum dual-gear drive system is sturdy and durable for busy shops. Your MIG gun and liner won’t suffer from the bumps and bends that are more common with typical MIG welding machines.

Smooth and Clean Arc

A stable arc is one of the best features on a Miller MIG welder, and the 252 is no exception. With the 252’s Active Arc Stabilizer, welders will make cleaner welds and experience better weld starts.

The Line Voltage Compensation feature keeps power constant up to variations of 10%, adding to the stability of the welding arc when working with uncertain power sources.

Digital Front Panel

Whether modifying your voltage or setting up a timer, the Millermatic 252 has a fully digital front menu so that you can precisely adjust your wire feed speed or voltage. You’ll also find standard run-in, pre/postflow, burnback, and spot/delay options.

Consumable and Chart Access

Also in the Millermatic 252 is a parameter chart that makes it easy to set up your welding parameters as you get to work. A flip down compartment also provides a convenient place to store consumables.

How Does Lincoln Compare?

The Lincoln Power MIG 256 is one of the closest competitors to the Millermatic 252. Perhaps welders will first notice that Lincoln’s machine is significantly less expensive, although that price difference nearly vanishes with Baker’s promotion on the Millermatic 252. In addition, welders will notice that Power MIG 256 nearly matches the output of the Millermatic 252. Both machines are also built with sturdy parts and are set up to max out the durability of your machine and the spool guns used.

So if price and power aren’t major factors, what are the major differences? While every welder has preferences about features, welders may benefit most from the Millermatic 252’s time-saving features. The auto-detect and arc stabilizing features make it possible to set up your welder faster and to minimize clean up when you’re done.

Find Deals on the Miller and Lincoln MIG Welders

Learn more about the Millermatic 252 High Output MIG Welder or the Lincoln Power MIG 256 today at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Be sure to check out other promotions on name brand products as well, such as the Build with Blue rebate program and sales on helmets and cutting gear.

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10 thoughts on “Is It Time to Upgrade to the Millermatic 252 MIG Welder?”

  1. Jeff says:

    I have a Miller 211…thinking of upgrading to the 252. What kind of warranty does it have? What are the major differences from the 211 to 252?

    1. bakersgas says:


      They are both Great Miller machines! Some of the main differences are the 211 is a 110/220V machine where as the 252 is only 220V. The 211 can hold up to an 11 pound spool, the 252 can hold up to a 44 pound spool. They are both under Miller’s 3 year True-Blue Warranty. If you check out each of them on our website, there are spec sheets listed in the descriptions, otherwise you can use the contact us form and someone would be happy to assist you from there!



  2. Randy says:

    How much is the 252

    1. bakersgas says:


      The Millermatic 252 runs for $2,423.00 at the time of this comment. It is also a part of Miller’s Build With Blue rebate. With that you can get a $300 rebate just for purchasing the machine! Then if you add another $500 worth of Miller accessories, you can get an extra $200 rebate!



  3. moises granados says:

    Can I weld 232 wire with the 252?

    1. bakersgas says:

      Moises, I don’t believe that you can. That 232 is a thick wire (From what I’ve seen .068″ smallest diameter). The 252 won’t have the power to burn that down.

  4. Mike M says:

    This is great deal! Is there still any deals on the 252? What kind of wire would you recommend?

    1. bakersgas says:


      The 252 Build with Blue deal ends today!! It will not be on the Next Build with Blue starting tomorrow. So if you’re looking to save $300 and as much as $500, now is the time to act! As for the wire, if you’re welding mild steel, we recommend the standard E70S-6. If you buy from Baker’s, we are currently including a 33# spool of it.



  5. G says:

    Can i use my dryer plug to power the 252. I believe it 208 v . Or would I need to modify plug or what do u think

  6. Tim says:

    I have a Miller 252 I’m looking to weld A-36 3/4″ plate what size wire would you recommend? And what kind?

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