8 Father’s Day Welding Projects

Father’s Day is right around the corner and while you can’t, or at least shouldn’t weld your dad a tie, you can always weld him something to hang it on. In fact, there are plenty of welding project ideas that have nothing to with ties that your father or father in law would both use and enjoy. The added bonus is being able to present him with a handmade gift on Father’s Day.

It’s not too late to create a meaningful, welded Father’s Day gift for the dad or dads in your life. Before you head to your shop to get started, Baker’s Gas and Welding has put together a list of 8 Father’s Day welding projects to give you ideas and inspiration

Tie Rack Welding Project

If you want to stick with the classic tie theme and have a dad who loves ties but struggles to keep them organized, then a tie rack checks all your boxes. Start by determining how many ties your Dad needs to store before deciding on the dimensions of your tie rack. Create a freestanding rack with a base or a wall-hanging tie rack out of metal tubing. Before you finish,  ensure your hooks are ground smooth and don’t snag the tie fabric.

Book End Welding Project

If your dad keeps an office, why not add dimension and organization by welding him a pair of bookends? You can keep it simple by welding or bending 2 pieces of metal sheeting at a 90 degree angle or get creative with your materials. Create visual interest by adding gears, wrenches, or cut metal art to the support space. Using found materials and ingenuity, this is an easy gift to customize according to your Dad’s likes, hobbies and interests.

Firepit Welding Project

Summer is here and with it grilling and backyard barbeque season. Nothing ends a night of outdoor fun and yard games like sitting around a campfire with drinks, friend and s’mores. Enhance your Dad’s backyard by creating a custom fire pit in your welding shop. You can make it from scratch with metal sheeting and new materials or repurpose old barrels or tire rims. This is easily one of the most customizable welding projects out there so don’t be afraid to get creative and create a pit that’s one of a kind for your dad.

Rebar and Horseshoe Drink Holder Welding Project

In line with the firepit welding project, give your dad somewhere to rest his drink while he’s enjoying the great outdoors by welding him a simple drink holder. Start with a base of 4 horseshoes, welded together and then weld the post for your drink holder in the center of the shoes. Add 1 or 2 more horseshoes at the top to support the bottles and cans and add a flat metal base about 6 inches lower than your horseshoes.

Personalized Wall Art Welding Project

A truly versatile welding project, customized wall art makes a great gift idea for any holiday and Father’s Day is no exception. Welded wall art can be images or words and created from new or found materials like silverware, rebar, metal tubing, wrenches and discarded tools. This is a great way to make use of scraps you may already have lying around your shop. Create crosses or fish using nails, screws and wrenches welded at different angles or words like “dad”, “love” or “family” using rebar, bike chain and more.

Wrench Picture Frame Welding Project

Dads love pictures of their kids and grandkids, so give them what they want in an awesome welded frame. Wrenches are a classic Father’s Day image and an easy welding material to come by. Use metal tubing to add a base to your welded frame and get glass cut at any hobby or craft store for the front. If you have questions about how to attach the frame together, YouTube has several helpful welded picture frame tutorials.

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