Trade in and Upgrade Your Plasma Cutter Today

When your plasma cutter begins to wear down or doesn’t have enough punch for your cutting projects, Victor’s Trade in, Trade up promotion will help welders and metal workers save big on a new Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter purchase. This offer at Baker’s Gas and Welding will put cash directly toward a new Thermal Dynamics plasma model based on the amperage of the machine. Just fill out this form, and you’ll be well on your way to picking up a new plasma cutter.

Baker’s is fully stocked with a wide variety of Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters that offer a wide range of power options and lead options for every application, from mobile cutting operations to metal working shops to welding setups in garages. Review the offer details, which is exclusive to Baker’s Gas and Welding, and learn more about the machines being offered at the Trade in, Trade up page.

Thermal Dynamics – Cutmaster 42 Plasma System

At just over $1,000, the Cutmaster 42 from Thermal Dynamics offers significant value for metal worker sand welders who are looking to make ¼” cuts on a regular basis (6 mm). This affordable machine is capable of cutting at capacity all day.

This machine has a fully redesinged compressor that makes it particularly light to carry and Vent2Shield technology that ensures long life for your machine.

Thermal Dynamics – Cutmaster 52 Plasma System

This 60 amp machine delivers truly precise cuts with the TRUE Cut Drag Tip Series that consistently delivers quality cuts through ½” material. With a 60 amp tip, the Cutmaster 52 consistently drag cuts material that is ¼” thick, while also delivering enough heft to cut through 1 ⅛” thick mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Welders and metal workers can carry this machine everywhere, and they’ll have the added benefit of the widely regarded 1Torch for reliable, clean cuts.

Thermal Dynamics – Cutmaster 82 Plasma System

This portable, lightweight plasma cutter weighs in at 43 lbs and is still capable of packing a solid punch. While it maxing out at 1 ½” material, it can regularly cut through ¾” materials.

This unit includes the same reliable and comfortable torch offered with the other Thermal Dynamics models that receives rave reviews from users.

Thermal Dynamics – Cutmaster 152 Plasma System

The Cutmaster 152 is the heavy duty machine that is designed for the biggest jobs that require the most power and the longest duty cycle. This cutting system comes with 20 foot leads and the ability to cut through 2” material. While it’s compact and easier to carry around than comparable machines, it’s still capable of heavy duty work for long stretches.

Upgrade Your Plasma Cutter Today

Don’t let your old plasma cutter hold you and your projects back. Turn your old machine into cash before this offer expires.

The latest plasma cutters from Victor are fast, safe, and versatile. You can match your cutter’s amperage and features with your particular workspace and enjoy the dependability of this trusted name brand. Put your old machine to good use and trade it in today.

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