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The school district of Georgetown, South Carolina has doubled the number of students who have completed its student-driven Career and Technology Education training program. High School students take all of the regular courses that would be required in a high school alongside a variety of specialized courses that prepare them for a career.

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Students learn nursing, building and construction, welding, culinary arts, power engine technology and cosmetology. There are plans to expand the program to include coding and cybersecurity, and students who are at a school without a desired course offering can be transported to a school that offers it.

Students are exposed to career options as early as eighth grade, enabling them time to set a course for their high school years along the lines of their interests. The program has also expanded to include mentoring opportunities, especially for girls considering STEM careers.

Welding Jobs

Toy Maker Started in the 1980’s
“A metal inert gas welder,  cut-off saw, grinder, steel bender, steel lathe, bandsaw, bench drilling machine, a thicknessner, planer,  router, a variety of sanders,  ripsaw, and  crosscut saw form an elaborate assembly line where he fashions toys that hark back to a simpler time. Mr Lyall said his  first wooden toys were made for his children about 45 years ago.”

Welder Finds Career in Art and Teaching
“Jack Seibold likes scrap metal, welding, and a pastime that he describes as a passion for sculpture in stone, metal, or wood. His home is a showcase of work, both inside and out, where any typical day may involve an artistic hunt to find the right mix of forms, angles and elements to suit his taste or inspiration.”

Minnesota Town Steps Up Welder Training
“A new welding program run by Advanced Minnesota and Mesabi Range College for individuals looking to obtain a certificate of completion and immediately start a career as an entry-level welder. Classes in the Accelerated Welding Institute span eight to 10 weeks and could start in January, officials said.”

Welder Lost Paycheck in the Pub
“More than a million people responded to an online appeal to identify the owner of the cash which was found in a London pub. The tale had a happy ending for the worker after the work on the online sleuths.”

Welding Education

Victims of Hurricane Receive Job Training
“Hurricane victims from Puerto Rico found a little hope Wednesday at a job fair at Centro Inc. social services agency on Sycamore Street.

The fair brought together employers and job recruiters to meet with people from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, many of whom were left unemployed in the aftermath of the double hit of Category 5 Hurricane Irma and Category 4 Hurricane Maria.”

Minnesota Students Learn Welding
“The seventh graders are very busy in shop at Indus, exploring many tools, processes, and ways of shaping materials. Soldering, mig, and arc welding and cutting with the plasma torch are the skills some of the students are working on.”

Welding Events

International Brazing and Soldering Conference (IBSC) 2018
Apr 15, 2018 – Apr 18, 2018

“The IBSC remains the premier event for the brazing and soldering community. For years, the IBSC has provided professionals, scientists and engineers involved in the research, development and application of brazing and soldering, a unique networking and idea-exchange forum.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Welders Stolen by Organized Crime Group
“Further investigation led to the recovery of Honda ATV and its trailer, a diesel tank, a welder and a John Deere tractor from Yoakum County.  The arrests also led to the discovery of a “stash house” in Lovington, New Mexico, that contained a large amount of stolen property including trailers and welders.”

Welding Supplies on Sale

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