How to Find Consumables for the ESAB Rebel

The ESAB Rebel EMP 215 IC MULTIPROCESS 3 in 1 welder has become one of the most popular multi process welders alongside machines like the Miller Multimatic  because it combines exceptional welding options in a compact, rugged machine that is easy for beginners to learn, yet more than capable for experts. Currently, the ESAB Rebel is listed at a significantly discounted price on Baker’s Gas and Welding, making it one of the best deals around for a versatile welding machine.

On the Rebel you’ll use MIG wire, a MIG gun, and consumables for the torch along with the electrodes for stick welding and a torch, filler metal, and electrodes for TIG welding.

While the Rebel comes ready to weld, tracking down all of the wires, electrodes, and consumables can be time-consuming and challenging. To help you pick up the right products, we’ve put together a few simple ways to track down the parts and accessories you may need.

Use the Add-On Options for the ESAB Rebel

Many of the accessories and consumables you need for the Rebel (and any other welder listed for sale on Baker’s Gas and Welding for that matter), are listed right on the welder’s sale page as drop down menu options. Beneath the price you’ll find all of the options you need to select the wire, consommables, welding cart, and torches that work perfectly with your machine.

Sometimes there will be offers for discounts, rebates, and free add-ons listed in these drop down menus, so always make sure you check out those options when buying a new welder or welding product at Baker’s.

Track Down Individual Parts for Your ESAB Rebel

Baker’s has all of the specs and parts for your ESAB Rebel in a simple sales sheet that provides a comprehensive list of part numbers. You can look up the name of the part and track it down right in the search bar at the top right of the Baker’s blog.

To get you started, here are a few of the most common consumable sand and welding accessories that our customers are trying to track down:

You’ll find options below this nozzle for different sizes and quantities. Come in a pack of 2. This link can serve as a starting point for your search for the right match for your ESAB Rebel.

Tweco VTS-23 Velocity Contact Tips
You’ll find different sizes and quantity options listed below this contact tip’s listing as related products. Come in .023 .030 and .035 in bags of 10. 

This ESAB Aristorod 12.5 MIG Wire – .8mm (11LB) is one of the options that will work great with your Rebel’s MIG welding function, although other options will be listed below as related products. The AristoRod MIG wire is designed to feed easily into your Rebel while giving users a stable arc to create a weld that is resistant to corrosion.

Save Big on the ESAB Rebel

Baker’s Gas and Welding provides everything you need to get started welding and saves you more money than any other retailer. Our online ordering system makes it easy to track down all of the related parts for each machine, while our Customer Care team can be contacted for any questions about a product. Act today to take advantage of our $100 rebate or free foot pedal offer on the ESAB Rebel.

Learn more about the ESAB Rebel

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