How to Find Serial Numbers on Welding Helmets

Locating a serial number on a welding helmet is extremely useful for taking advantage of warranties, registering your helmet, or qualifying for special product upgrades or replacements. However, serial numbers aren’t always easy to find on welding helmets, especially since different brands and models within those brands place the serial numbers in different locations. Here are a few tips to help you better track down your helmet’s serial number:

Finding Serial Numbers of Lincoln Viking Welding Helmets

The Lincoln Viking can be seen by looking at the inside of the helmet. It is written vertically along the right edge of the viewing cartridge. It’s written sideways so that you’ll usually have to tilt the helmet sideways in order to find the number.

Lincoln Electric 3350 Serial Number

Lincoln Electric 3350 Serial Number

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Finding Serial Numbers of Miller Electric Welding Helmets

The serial numbers inside Miller Electric welding helmets tend to be located on the right side of the cartridge, but not always. The Elite and Pro Hobby welding helmets from Miller locate the serial number on the right side of the cartridge when you look at it on the inside of the welding helmet.

However, when it comes to the serial number on the Miller Performance welding helmet, you’ll find the serial number on the left side of the viewing cartridge. The serial numbers for both Solar XL, the Solar XLIX, and the Solar XLI shades will be located at the top, while the XL, XLI, and XLIX batteries place the serial numbers on the right sides. The Fix shade 10 has a serial number along its bottom.

The serial number on the miller weld mask isn’t visible initially. These numbers are located on the inside of the helmet behind the rubber piece on the right side. 

Miller Digital Elite Serial Number

Miller Digital Elite Serial Number

Miller Infinity Serial Number

Miller Digital Infinity Serial Number

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Finding Serial Numbers of ESAB Welding Helmets

In the case of ESAB welding helmets, the serial number is a 10 digit code that can be found on the inside of the helmet shell printed on the cartridge, typically in the top right corner. You can read it by turning the helmet sideways.

ESAB Sentinel Serial Number

ESAB Sentinel Serial Number

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Finding Serial Numbers of Optrel Welding Helmets

Serial numbers on Optrel welding helmets are quite easy to find. The numbers are made of 11 digits (#### – #######).They can be seen on the ADF cartridge printed along the top or the side.


Optrel Crystal 2.0 Serial Number

Optrel Panoramaxx Serial Number

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