Miller’s Latest Build with Blue Combines Savings on Welder Promotions

This fall’s Build with Blue Promotion offers an opportunity to save on classic Miller Electric welders, such as Miller’s Millermatic, the Maxstar, and the Diversion, which can be game changers in any welding shop. However, if you want to pick up a hefty machine like the Syncrowave or Bobcat, you can combine the everyday savings of Baker’s, the hundreds in rebate savings, and the additional Baker’s Bucks promotion promotion to significantly increase your savings.

You can also extend your savings to Miller’s top welding helmets and stack up your savings by picking up related Miller products like welding carts, welding gloves, and welding jackets for a significant discount. Here’s a peek at what you can expect to save on this round of Build with Blue:

Save on Miller Welding Helmets

The premium Digital Infinity and T94 welding helmets from Miller Electric have never been more affordable. With list prices that are slashed between $70 and $150 off for most helmets, you can increase your savings and your value by taking advantage of the $50 rebate from Baker’s Gas and Welding and the discounts on Light Kits.

The T94 is a revolutionary welding helmet design that prioritizes safety and comfort along with a 9 square inch viewing area that is among the largest in the industry. The grind shield is 44 square inches for increased visibility and safety on the job site. The ergonomic, four-point flexible headgear is secure, flexible, and minimizes strain on major pressure points, with 18% less torque in the welding position, and 42% less torque with the visor in the upright position.

miller t94 welding helmet on sale

The T94 ClearLight lens technology optimizes contrast and clarity reducing strain to the eye and user fatigue, making it the kind of helmet you can wear all day.

The Digital Infinity welding helmet and T94 both offer the full range of shade modes, as well as Miller’s unique X-mode that is capable of detecting the arc even when obscured. The latest version of the Digital Infinity helmet also offers the ClearLight lens technology.

Learn more about Miller’s Digital Infinity and T94 Welding Helmets

Save on Miller’s Big Ticket Welders

Some of the best value form the Build with Blue promotion comes from the Miller Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG Welder with foot pedal and the Miller Bobcat 225 Welder Generator. The Diversion offers a $400 rebate and the Bobcat offers a $200 rebate, adding to your savings on this great promotion.

Miller Diversion 180 AC/DC TIG Welder is a 50-pound inverter-based AC/DC welder that using power efficiently and offers a high frequency non-contact arc start that keeps the tungsten and material clean. The auto-postflow protects the weld and the electrode by optimizing post flow time based on welding amperage. The advanced squarewave offers a fast freezing weld puddle and deeper puddle penetration.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Miller Bobcat 225 Welder Generator is what it’s missing: noise. The sound levels have been decreased by ⅓ compared to previous models. It offers more horsepower with its 23 HP Kohler or 23 HP Subaru, and is 10,500 watts Accu-Rated so that you get more power for your jobs while also eliminating hot air recirculation when set up in tight spaces.

With the Bobcat 225, you’ll be able to run it for up to 14 hours with a 4,000 watt load, while your welds will be smooth and steady since it runs without power spikes.

Learn more about the Miller Welders on sale with Build with Blue

Start Building with Blue Right Now!

You don’t have to wait long or pay a bundle to get your purchase shipped free and fast in the lower 48 states. This promotion runs through December 31st, but discounts on select welders and helmets may only continue while supplies last. This round of Build with Blue is the one you don’t want to miss because of the opportunities to double and triple your savings with all of the promotions being offered. Learn more about the best prices for Miller’s top of the line welding machines and welding gear at Baker’s Gas and Welding:

Learn more about Build with Blue

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