2018 Black Friday Deals: Discounted Welders and Welding Supplies

Whether you’re lining up to pick up a Black Friday sale or you’re enjoying a quiet day at home, you can take advantage of some of the best online deals through the Black Friday promotions being offered at Baker’s Gas and Welding this season. The video below explains and gives you a closer look at ALL the deals in less than 8 minutes.

From Miller to Lincoln to ESAB to Hypertherm, you can find the top welding brands at the lowest prices of the year, even adding up your savings by combining promotions. Here’s a look at what you can expect to save on during this year’s Black Friday sale:

Cash in on Your Baker’s Bucks

While you can save big on welders, welding safety gear, and welding supplies during this black Friday sale, you can still stack up your savings by adding Baker’s Bucks to your purchase! Usually you can earn $75 Baker’s Buck for every $1,000 spent on Miller Electric. This weekend only earn $80 per $1,000 spent. This can be combined with the bundles and other deals going on this weekend!

Bundle Your Savings on Miller Electric Welders

When you purchase a welder and add on a bundle that may include welding gloves, consumables, cover, and other accessories, you could save up to $150. Each bundle is matched with a welding machine so that you can lock down great savings and get the right accessories for your welder.

This round of Black Friday deals includes the long popular Millermatic 211, Multimatic 215Millermatic 252, and the brand new Multimatic 220! Miller helmets you can add a Baker’s Bundle which includes $75 worth of accessories for just $30!

Get a Free ESAB Spool Gun or Helmet

The popular ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic, 235ic, and 285ic models come with a free $299 value helmet or  $315 value spool gun! These versatile multiprocess welders are in stock and backed by the ESAB 100% satisfaction warranty. A spool gun is always handy if you want to weld aluminum on some projects, and  free ESAB welding helmet, may be tough to pass up.

If you’re interested in Pre-Buying the Rebel 205ic AC/DC Multiprocess Welder, you can cash in on the savings, picking up either an ESAB helmet or a spool gun for half off. The Rebel 205 is scheduled to be released in January of 2019.

And if you’ve only been scouting ESAB welding helmets, such as the ESAB Sentinel A50, which is often chosen because of its wide viewing area and extremely light weight, you can add on a free accessory bundle that is worth $65. This huge collection of welding safety gear includes free gloves, 10 outside amber lenses, 5 inside lenses, and more.

Free and Discounted Lincoln Electric Items

Some of Lincoln Electric’s most popular and powerful welders are listed in this year’s Black Friday sale. Just drop in the promo code on each product’s page and don’t forget to select your free or heavily discounted add-on items.

The Squarewave TIG 200 from Lincoln includes the option of including a cover at 50% off and free TIG gloves, while the Lincoln PowerMIG 260 adds on the following free items: a roll cage gloves and a 44# spool of MIG wire. The Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 offers the free roll cage and gloves and 50% off a cover.

Hypertherm Discount on Consumables

Plasma cutters may burn through consumables, but throughout Baker’s Black Friday sale, you can save 5% on all Hypertherm consumables. Just plug in the promo code: HYPBG5 at check out November 21-26 to apply the discount to your purchase.

Looking to buy a Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutter? Look no further Baker’s has a bundle that is tough to beat. On top of 50% off consumable kits add the Baker’s bundle for $200! The bundle includes an air filtration kit, extra consumables, and a dust cover. The air filtration kit alone is worth $199!

Save on Welding Accessories

If you’re looking to set up your welding helmet with special add-ons, you can save on accessory bundles on Miller’s top helmets, including the T94, Infinity, and Elite, and 3350 Lincoln Viking welding helmets. Both welding helmet bundles are valued at $75 and are marked down to just $30! You’ll get bargain prices on top name brand welding gloves, lenses, and more welding safety supplies.

Save on Welders and Welding Supplies

The 2018 Black Friday sales at Baker’s Gas and Welding are designed to help you max out your savings on welders and welding gear. Stacking up your savings with Baker’s Bucks and adding discounted accessories or supplies can help you get the most out of this year’s Black Friday promotions. Shop from home and enjoy free ground shipping on most orders within the lower 48 states. Select promotions will remain while supplies last. Feel free to call Baker’s if you have questions! 877-93-5690

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    1. bakersgas says:

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