Introducing the New Millermatic 255 Pulsed MIG Welder

The new Millermatic 255 Pulsed MIG Welder releases in January 2019 and promises to take the popular Millermatic 252 MIG welder to the next level with its crystal clear display, more programmable settings (pulse, mig, etc.) and auto-set options for a wider variety of metals. At Baker’s we have already unboxed and tested out the Millermatic 255, so here’s a preliminary look at a few of the features you can expect to find in this new welder.

Fast Tack Welding Mode

Starting with the new features in the Millermatic 255 MIG welder, fast tack may be one of the most fascinating for welders working on projects that involve a lot of tacks. They can significantly increase their productivity by using Fast Tack to stick tacks in place without the delay of run in. While this feature can be disabled, it could be a game changer for some welders.

Crater Mode on the Millermatic 255

Another issue that comes up often for MIG welders is “cratering,” when a weld ends without enough filler. Crater mode prevents this from happening by adding a little extra wire at the end of your weld so that the weld is smoothed out.

Auto-Set Welding Settings

Like the Millermatic 252, the 255 offers auto-set modes, but now offers more options. Auto-set makes it easy to modify your settings for different material thicknesses or for different welding gases. From filler wire to material type, you can find a wide range of welding options already dialed into your machine. In addition, it has a wider variety of saving options, with five programmable settings for welders to save on their machine.

Clear Screen for Welding Parameters

Featuring a simple dial and bright LCD display, it’s easy to sort through your welding options on this intuitive screen and menu system. You’ll spend far less time setting up your welder thanks to its simplicity.

More Versatile and Portable Welding Power

You can weld up to ½” aluminum, stainless steel, or mild steel with the 255. Power options include swapping 208 or 240 volt power.

When you need a little lower heat input on thin metals, switch to the pulsed MIG mode to minimize spatter and to produce a cleaner weld without burn through.

While offering all of this additional power, which means a bit more heft on this welding machine that weighs in at 84 pounds, it is 50 pounds lighter than the Millermatic 252 MIG welder! Make sure you are ready to do a bit of lifting and have a proper cart setup for this machine if you order it! If you do bring this machine to a work site where there’s only inverter power supply, auto-line technology smooth out dirty or unreliable power sources.

Operators no longer need to use lift truck to load machine and running gear into the truck. Latches secure machine to running gear. Simply loosen the latch retaining knob and rotate latches to disengage machine from running gear for easy portability.

Watch a Demonstration of the Millermatic 255

If you want to see the Millermatic 255 in action, check out this unboxing, review, and demonstration of it in the Baker’s Gas and Welding warehouse.

Watch it now on YouTube

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If you’re ready to learn more about the Millermatic 255 or to take the plunge on this groundbreaking Miller welding machine, then you can visit Baker’s Gas and Welding today. Our sales page makes it easy to add accessories and related Miller products so that your shop is ready to go. Shipping is free on most orders in the lower 48 states.

Learn more about the Millermatic 255 MIG Welder

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9 thoughts on “Introducing the New Millermatic 255 Pulsed MIG Welder”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the info I have been waiting to see the details on this machine!

    1. bakersgas says:

      No problem let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. Rich says:

    Hopefully we will get a review of the Multimatic 255 also?

    1. Jake Fits says:

      I did not know Miller had Multimatic 255?

  3. Josh Hubbard says:

    Hey thinking of buying the 252 was trying to figure out if I should wait. The rebate on the 252 is so good right now. Cool video dont know now if I want to wait. Do you think there will be problems with the screen?

  4. James Murphy says:

    Can you show the pulse MIG in the next video being used?

  5. Jake Fits says:

    What gun does this come with does it use the same consumables as the 252 I have?

  6. Richard says:

    Do you have to use 90/10 gas in pulse mode ? Can you use c25 in pulse mode ?

  7. Jordan Raper says:

    Can you attach a push pull gun and pulse mig aluminum?

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