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How To Make Job Safety Work

United we stand – divided we fall, the more the merrier, two heads are better than one, and strength in numbers are all iconic phrases most of us have heard. Applying these sayings to job safety is a must. If you are feeling a situation

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Welding Cast Iron – Overview of Cast Iron Grades

There are many different metals used in welding, however, we are going to be focusing on cast iron and its many uses.  Cast iron is a very versatile metal that is used in thousands of products today.  Its popularity rises from the strength that it

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Is Underwater Welding Right For You?

Many welders have expressed an interest in underwater welding.  Underwater welding uses a type of shielded metal arc welding, where you have to use a waterproof electrode.  In underwater welding the power supply is connected to the welding equipment using cables and hoses. Before starting

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Tungsten Electrode Tips

The Tungsten electrode is the element most commonly ignored by manufacturing organizations, whether in manual or automatic welding, and is the area where manufacturing organizations and individuals can improve the consistency of their welding output with some dedicated effort. The safety concern of Tungsten electrode

Miller Wireless Foot and Hand Controls, WeldX Welding Apparel

Check out these exciting technologies in welding accessories and welding apparel from Miller Electric… Miller Wireless Foot and Hand Controls New Wireless Foot and Hand Controls allow for increased productivity and improved shop safety. They eliminate costly and time consuming cord failures. Extends welding range

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Kick-Starting Your Welding Career

If you are somewhat skilled in welding, you can kick-start you're welding skills, and your career, by attending one of the accredited welding trade schools in the country. If you ask people to list their top ten dirty jobs, chances are most of them will

Free Shipping on the New Hypertherm Powermax 65 and 85

Announcing the new Hypertherm Powermax 65 and 85 (Free Shipping). With increased productivity, better reliability, and easier to use, the Powermax 65 and 85 is a smart choice. Learn more below, or go right to the website to check it out. Features and Benefits of

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A Brief Introduction to MIG Welding

When you think of welding, MIG welding is probably what comes to mind.  MIG stands for metal inert gas.  It’s also referred to GMAW or gas metal arc welding.  It consists of a spool of wire that is fed, along with an inert gas, through

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Welding In Space, The Final Frontier

   Steven Hawking, renowned British astrophysicist warns the planet Earth is quickly running out of resources, and in order for mankind to survive beyond the next century, our only hope is outer space.    Welding was first performed in space 25 years ago by Russian

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Welding Plastics

Plastics Plastic is cheaper, lighter, more corrosion resistant, easier to cut and shape and drill, has a very low thermal conductivity, and a higher strength to weight ratio than metals. Cars, clothes, food containers, and toys are all items that have been revolutionized by the