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About the American Welding Society

What is the American Welding Society? The American Welding Society (AWS) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1919 which boasts the latest resources for welders and other professionals worldwide (  According to their website, their goal is to, “advance the science, technology and application of

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Weld Quality Control & Inspection

Tragically, lives were lost, wildlife remains threatened, and lingering environmental damage is imminent! The catastrophic, and devastating Horizon Oil Rig disaster clearly demonstrates the importance of stringent quality control, and inspection measures that are necessary throughout the oil, and gas construction, and production industry. Oil

A Brief Discussion About Welding Electrode Selection

When it comes to shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), no matter the project, electrode selection is one of the most important things to consider.  There are several things you should take into account when selecting an electrode.  What is the base metal?  What type of

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Overview of MIG Welding

Selecting the right MIG welder for the job is probably the most important thing you can know.  MIG welders come in a 1-Phase, Combination 1 & 3 Phase, and 3 Phase.  1-Phase MIG welders has a typical 115 or 230 VAC and are used in

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Safety and Proper Welding Gear

Safety cannot be stressed enough when it comes to any form of welding.  The risks are high from serious burns, blindness, to explosions.  Welding safety is universal, no matter what form you are using.  One of the most important things any welder can do to

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Some Advice When it Comes to Buying a Welder

So you want to own your own welding machine.  There are a few things you should take into consideration when shopping for one.  First of all, what do you need it for?  Is it for business?  Or are you going to be using it for

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A Few Tips for Welding Cast Iron

First, it helps to understand how cast iron differs from other materials.  Most of what we call cast iron is more accurately called gray iron.  Gray iron is an iron alloy that is about 95% iron, 4% graphite and 1% silicon.  In gray iron the

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Overview of Torch Cutting

The tip of your cutting torch is based on the flame characteristics of the fuel gas used, material cutting, and is where all the action takes place.  Your intended use will determine the type of gas you will need as well as the tip used

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Overview of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is beginning to take a lead over oxy-fuel forms of cutting because it provides a quicker cut, gouge, and piercing at a lower cost.  With plasma cutting, there is no need for preheating time, making plasma cutting more operational friendly.  The cut size

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Tips for Learning and Improving Welding Skills

    Producing consistent quality welds requires the use of professional grade tools and equipment. Proper fitting (gloves, safety glasses, welding shield), and necessary protective clothing, are also mandatory to insure the safe and quality performance of welders. Quality welding relies on concentration, performing consistent repetitive