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Resources to Help You Build, Weld a Utility Trailer

If you don’t own a truck and you have to regularly haul oddly shaped cargo, a utility trailer can be indispensable. Utility trailers range in size and shape. Some are simple while others have roofs. With a little welding experience and several free hours it

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Rules and Guidelines for Aluminum Welding

For both new and experienced welders, aluminum welding can be challenging. Over-welding of the aluminum alloys can easily happen because of its “higher thermal conductivity and low melting point. Also, feeding aluminum welding wire during gas-metal-arc-welding (GMAW) presents a challenge because the wire is softer

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MOTORZ TV: Learn How To Weld (Part 2) – VIDEO

A while back – quite a while back actually – I introduced you all to the welding tutorial video by TV. Part two of this welding “mini” tutorial features the same two guys, MOTORZ TV host Chris Duke and his friend Brian Karas, going over

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Getting familiar with MIG welding through practice

The old saying goes that practice makes perfect — and especially being that generally whenever you are welding you are going to need to make sure that the finished product meets a high level of standards, you want to get all the practice you can. 

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Learn How to Weld: A few basics to get started

If you're just starting out into welding, whether you are strictly going to be a hobbyist or plan to embark on a welding career, you may be a bit lost as to where to begin.  While there are plenty of places you can go to

Laser Welding 101

These days, in order to be marketable, a welder needs to be able to practice a wide variety of welding techniques like, submerged arc, resistance, high-frequency resistance, induction, ultrasonic and electron-beam welding. But today there is a technique that is becoming more popular that can

MOTORZ TV: Learn How To Weld – VIDEO

I’m a reader. Whenever I meet a challenge that is a bit difficult to understand, I read. I read in the morning, in the afternoon, at night – I even read in my dreams. But we’re not all readers, and when it comes to learning

Welding Refresher: Welding Symbols

How often do you rely on blueprints and other symbols when working on welding projects? I’ve come across many welders that rarely (if ever) use blueprints. Many don’t even know the most basic of welding symbols. Now, that’s not a problem if you don’t intend