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A Few Tips for Welding Cast Iron

First, it helps to understand how cast iron differs from other materials.  Most of what we call cast iron is more accurately called gray iron.  Gray iron is an iron alloy that is about 95% iron, 4% graphite and 1% silicon.  In gray iron the

Miller-style MIG Aluminum Welding

The video below is from Miller’s large collection of welding YouTube videos. Be sure to make use of the invaluable tips on welding equipment, technique, and more on aluminum welding. As always, I’ve provided a transcript below the video. Enjoy! When you weld aluminum, you’re

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Welding at Home : Aluminum Welding Training

Where would this world be without YouTube? posted an extremely helpful video about TIG welding on aluminum. From the comfort of your home, learn how to stack beads, dimes, and understand why welding on aluminum is perfect for practicing your welding skills. I’ve included

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Rules and Guidelines for Aluminum Welding

For both new and experienced welders, aluminum welding can be challenging. Over-welding of the aluminum alloys can easily happen because of its “higher thermal conductivity and low melting point. Also, feeding aluminum welding wire during gas-metal-arc-welding (GMAW) presents a challenge because the wire is softer