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Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

The bomb squad at the Scranton, PA Police Department had a special request for the Johnson College Welding Training Center. Students were asked to build heavy duty steel frame doors that can hold a door in place for bomb deactivation training. Image Source With the

Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

The original Superior Welding Shop in Hutchinson, Kansas is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year and is still going strong. The company was started in 1917 by Hugh Glass who offered welding services and machine work. However, after 5 years, Glass also began teaching welding

oxy welding and cutting

Comparing Arc Welding to Gas Welding

There once was a time when the majority of welders were joining metal together using an oxyacetylene torch. From bridges to battleships, these torch setups using oxygen and gas were affordable, effective, and portable, even if they made rough welds and could warp the metals

Back to School Welding Projects

Back to school season is here and whether you have kids, grandkids or no kids at all, it is a busy season for your entryway or mudroom. Every parent of school-age kids knows that when kids come home from school, so does their stuff and

Tips for Choosing a Welding Helmet

Whether you are a professional welder, hobbyist, or a novice welder, one of the most important aspects and elements of welding is protective gear. In particular, your welding helmet.  The best personal protective equipment is even more important than the type of machine you are

Welding Tips for the Beginner Welder

With the school year rapidly approaching, new welding students are filing in all over the country. It helps to have some tips for these new welders or just freshen up on some old tips for seasoned pros. The Welding Process Basics  When it comes to

New! Millermatic 211

The much-awaited NEW Millermatic 211’s are here! One of the best selling Miller machines just got better. The new Millermatic has countless new features making it the ideal machine for hobbyist, farmers, and professional welders. NEW! Advanced Auto-Set Auto-Set eliminates guesswork and saves you time