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Tips for Choosing a Welding Helmet

Whether you are a professional welder, hobbyist, or a novice welder, one of the most important aspects and elements of welding is protective gear. In particular, your welding helmet.  The best personal protective equipment is even more important than the type of machine you are

Welding Tips for the Beginner Welder

With the school year rapidly approaching, new welding students are filing in all over the country. It helps to have some tips for these new welders or just freshen up on some old tips for seasoned pros. The Welding Process Basics  When it comes to

New! Millermatic 211

The much-awaited NEW Millermatic 211’s are here! One of the best selling Miller machines just got better. The new Millermatic has countless new features making it the ideal machine for hobbyist, farmers, and professional welders. NEW! Advanced Auto-Set Auto-Set eliminates guesswork and saves you time

Shop Tillman and Save 10% This Month at Baker’s

Tillman is one of the most renowned top manufacturers of high quality welding gloves and protective gear. They make the best-fitting gloves on the market today in a variety of product lines (Stick, TIG, MIG, Truefit, Drivers, and specialty). Tillman also offers clothing (high heat,

GMAW Electrodes

Often in the supply industry we are asked what type of wire should be used for certain jobs. In general, terms the only requirement is the chemical make-up, which results in an equal to or higher tensile strength than the weaker of the base materials

Purpose of Purging in Welding

Purging is a term used when utilizing a gas on the backside of a weld. Generally to keep it from oxidizing, but in retrospect it is to keep the microstructure of the entire weld the same. An inert gas must be used to keep the

Process Selection

There are many things to consider when selecting the right welding process for the job. In most cases equipment is the limiting factor. Many times in the field you may only have a Stick welder, this limits you to one process. When it comes down

Preheating – True or False

Over the years we have heard many things about preheating steels before welding. Preheating pulls the moisture out of the material. Preheating burns the contaminants away. Preheating makes the material more ductile and reduces cracking. Preheating is only recommended not required. But how much of