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Comparing the Three Hottest Welding Helmets

Now is the best time to buy a new welding helmet for the first time or to upgrade your current helmet. Three of the leading welding brands have updated and improved their industry-leading helmets. We had Andrew weld with all three and give us some


Comparing Smith and Victor Torch Kits

Whether you choose a Victor or Smith Cutting outfit may sometimes depend on which is readily available at your local welding supply shop. But if you could find both outfits online at a highly discounted price, the choice becomes a little more complicated. Maybe you


Safety and Performance – Victor Edge Regulators

Victor’s latest torch ELC4 Edge regulators are the latest update in their series of regulators that have been completely revamped over the years in order to provide the best in safety and efficiency for all torch cutting projects. Victor has been taking feedback from customers

Square Wave TIG 200

Which Welder Is Best for TIG Welding Aluminum?

One of the best options for welding aluminum is a TIG welder running on AC power, and you’ll find some of the best prices on the industry leading machines such as the Lincoln Squarewave 200 and the Miller Diversion 180. These TIG welders offer clean


What You Need to Know about the New ESAB Welders and Cutters

The latest welding machines and plasma cutters due out from ESAB in February 2017 are going to make it hard to pick a new welder or cutter if you’re in the market for an upgrade in your shop. We’ve taken a look at what you can


The Difference Smart MIG Makes on the ESAB Rebel

With the introduction of multiprocess welders such as Miller’s Multimatic and the ESAB Rebel, welders can do more with with a single welding machine. However, with all of those capabilities, welders certainly don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their welds. Enter the ESAB Rebel…


Welding Safety Tips for National Fire Prevention Month

Slag and sparks are hot and plentiful while welding, especially for larger stick welding projects. There are new stories every week about shops that have burned down, houses and garage that caught fire, and welders who were severely burned from accidental welding fires. Controlling Your


Comparing the New Miller Multimatic 215 and the ESAB Rebel Welders

It’s tough to beat the versatility and portability of the latest multiprocess welders from Miller Electric and ESAB. The latest video review of the new Miller Multimatic 215 should give you a nice overview of just how much these top machines can handle. Even better,


Welding Accessories to Keep You Cool and Productive This Summer

Sure, summertime means high temperatures but does that mean you’re going to wait until October to tackle the welding jobs waiting for you right now? You probably already know the basics: start early in the day or wait until early evening; stay hydrated; stay clear