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2012 Welding Events

If you're like me, you've been looking at your calendar and planning all your trips, conferences, and "life in general" for 2012. Don't overlook the opportunities for education, collaboration, and networking. Here I've compiled some of the top welding conferences, expositions, and trade shows for

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Welding Events in January

It’s the end of winter holidays and the beginning of NFL playoffs; January is here. Welding workshops, classes, exhibitions and more fill up the January welding calendar. Enjoy! I didn’t include events that already took place or are no longer open for registration. Picture Credit:

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The Top 24 ‘Weld My World’ Posts of 2011

Everyone’s doing a countdown, so why not join in on all the obvious fun? We’ve covered so many welding topics this year – from welding robots, welding certification, welding events, and even welding poetry – and we're going to make 2012 just as diverse, informative,

November Roundup; Blog Posts You May Have Missed

We covered various welding topics in the month of November. Welding retirement, freelance welding, the best safety gear to wear and more. Check out our list of the Weld My World posts from last month (sorted by category then by date posted)  Baker’s Bargains Now

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Welding Events in December

Slim pickings here for December. With so many holiday events to prepare, it’s no wonder the welding world is quieting down a bit. For those still eager for a little welding event action, check out a few welding workshops in Boston and Atlanta. I didn’t

Welding Poetry

Because everything exists and because even welders have a softer side, here is a collection of welding related poetry. Enjoy! (If you're brave enough, share your own poetry in the comments below.) "The Welder's Weld" by Sonia Balcer Wherefore must I wear a mask when