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Ideas for Building Fire Pits

During the fourth of July did you have to trek to your local park or camping area to find a fire pit? If you did, consider making your own in your backyard. Making your own will save you time and energy, and it can save

Miller’s Welding Showdown

Want to win some cool prizes for your welding side projects this summer?  If you’re a talented metalworker and you can stand up to competition, then consider entering Miller’s Welding Showdown. Miller has launched their 5th annual welding project challenge where they award 6 semi-finalists

Cheap Welding Project: Welders, Get to Organizing!

It can be a daunting task organizing all of your TIG torch parts, and the cost can add up when important pieces go missing and must be replaced. created an excellent video specifically for this reason. Learn “How to Make a Holder on the

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Welding Project: Shop Stool

One of the hardest issues to overcome in welding is the strain to your back, feet and legs from holding a steady standing position. One way to overcome this is to purchase a shop stool, but often they are too high or too low or

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Welding Projects: Build a Backyard Fire Pit!

In this episode of Sparks Will Fly!!! Tom Gabriel explains how to create a backyard fire pit that’s perfect for barbequing this summer! Before we set our eyes on this fiery project, check out the list of items that Tom used to create his modern

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Welding Gates

Those with little knowledge of the welding industry might believe that welding requires only a mastery of some basic information and manual labor. Little do they know that welding can be as creative as any form of art. Those of you looking for a home

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Resources to Help You Build, Weld a Utility Trailer

If you don’t own a truck and you have to regularly haul oddly shaped cargo, a utility trailer can be indispensable. Utility trailers range in size and shape. Some are simple while others have roofs. With a little welding experience and several free hours it

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Gone Fishing? Well, get to welding first!

Let's be honest, you weld because you love it (or at least because you're good enough at it to make enough money to keep putting that food on the table!) but wouldn't it be great if what you were welding could be put to use

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Welding Projects: Mastering the Art of Metal Sculpture

My dad hated his job but he loved his profession and his unique talent that made him good at what he did. Perhaps you feel the same way – perhaps you hate your boss and/or coworkers, your working hours, your environment or your commute. But,

Welding Projects: Let Your Hobby Take Flight

In following up with the idea that there are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to welding applications, the hobbyist will no doubt be putting on their own thinking cap in regards to their next welding project.  For those of you interested in making models