Weekly Roundup – News In The Welding World

Sticking to my commitment of less “Welding Gone Wrong” news, here are some bits about new welding supplies, welding overseas, and more. The lead story is just the type to lift up your spirits this holiday: Iraqis learn welding through one of our own, Army

Oh The Possibilities: Many Welding Projects

There are many different ways to put your welding skills to good use.  There are of course plenty of welding job opportunities to make a career out of welding, but there are also many other ways to utilize your welding techniques and practices to supply

The Welding Before Christmas

It was the “welding” before Christmas. . . I could continue, but I won’t. I’m interested in the story of what you’re doing for the holidays this year. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, often welders use their skills to spread holiday joy. Check

How to Choose Welding Gloves

While purchasing a good helmet is said to be the most important thing you can do to protect yourself while welding, it is your gloves that will be the first line of defense against hazards like sweltering heat, moisture, electricity, chemicals, molten metal and sparks.

How to Choose a Welding Helmet

Selecting and Welding Helmet Choosing the right welding helmet is arguably the most important thing you can do to increase your comfort, improve your productivity and result in better, more efficient welds. Unfortunately, choosing a helmet that meets your needs can be confusing if you’re

Baker’s Bargains: Welding Relief For The Holidays

Welcome December! What a glorious end to another year and the Thanksgiving season, though I feel like some matter was overlooked. Through the Black Friday rush and Cyber Monday clicks there were some notable bargains missed. Yeah, that’s it. Where were all the welding deals?

Welding Away the Competition

From Arizona to Indiana, Australia, and even Japan, welders all over the world have the chance to put their skills to test against other welders. Now it’s your turn. I’ve listed three competitions out there that welders of varying skill levels are welcome to enter.