Winter Welding: Warm Your Wallets

We here at Baker’s Gas always have a decent selection of welding (and non-welding) items to ease your wallet and please your budget. Before you freeze off those welding scars, check out some of our winter-appropriate deals: Heat Through Machines Who can survive winter without

Weekly Roundup – News In the Welding World

Ah the end of another week. Let’s focus on news that is positive, informative, and interesting to read. No “Welding Gone Wrong” section this week. Enjoy!   Creative Fabrication & Welding serves clients at area’s most prestigious addresses If you turn off of Village Road

Why Not Consider Freelance Welding?

We’ve reached the dawn of a new era. . . alright, I’ll quit the melodramatics. Though being a welder is more secure than other occupations, nothing beats being in business for yourself. Freelancing your welding services is one way to do it. People usually associate

Weekly Roundup – News in the Welding World

Chew on bits about job opportunities, students in the welding field, new welding equipment, and more! Make sure to check out our first three news articles on falling profits and technological developments in the welding world. Side Note: Welders may have the upper-hand in this

Weekly Roundup – News In the Welding World

This week saw news about more welding schools and programs, welding events, proactive teenage welders, and more.   Miller Offers Faster News For Welding Professionals Understanding the need for fast, up-to-date information in today’s digital world, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. today launched its new PRO

Welding Refresher: Welding Symbols

How often do you rely on blueprints and other symbols when working on welding projects? I’ve come across many welders that rarely (if ever) use blueprints. Many don’t even know the most basic of welding symbols. Now, that’s not a problem if you don’t intend