Welding Refresher: Welding Symbols

How often do you rely on blueprints and other symbols when working on welding projects? I’ve come across many welders that rarely (if ever) use blueprints. Many don’t even know the most basic of welding symbols. Now, that’s not a problem if you don’t intend

MIT and Welding For Free

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is more than just that school from the movie 21 (by the way, the book was better; isn’t it always?). MIT is one of the m Most prestigious and sought after post-secondary schools in this nation. So, it was a pretty

Welding Safety 101: Eye and Face Protection

For new and experienced welders alike, it’s important to know what type of eye and face protection will work best for you. What you need largely depends on what task your performing. Here are some factors to consider before beginning a welding project: A helmet is best

Weekly Roundup – News In The Welding World

Check out news about innovation in the welding field, self-cleaning welding nozzles (!), welding jobs, schools/programs, and more.   Advanced Thinking to Revolutionize Welding A multi-million pound engineering research project is using advanced thinking to revolutionize the welding industry – and offering the prospect of saving lives.

Weekly Roundup – News In The Welding World

Today’s edition of weekly roundup features bits about welding in video games, lawsuits, new welding tools (hot dog!), and much more. Final Fantasy 14 Screens: Social Welding Square Enix has released a single new Final Fantasy XIV screenshot showing the MMORPG’s blacksmithing, as well as