How to Choose A Shielding Gas for TIG Welding

You can’t cut corners in TIG welding–or at least you shouldn’t if you want to get repeat business or you want your welds to look good. While it seems like the standard plan for TIG welding is to always go with Argon as your shielding


Welding Projects for Pet Owners

We’ve heard it said that “a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” The affection, laughter and surprise that come with pet ownership have been said to relieve stress, improve mood and overall elevate your life. On


Should I Buy a Brand New Welder?

If you read enough welding message boards, you’ve probably read about welders finding amazing deals on used machines or cheap off-brand machines from eBay. However, if you read press releases from welding companies and welding suppliers, you’re probably going to hear about the amazing deals


Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

The Pasco County Jail, near Tampa Bay, Florida, has provided a welding class that has kept all of its former students out of jail after release. Over the course of four ten-hour days each week, non-violent inmates participate in a comprehensive welding class that provides experience


Save Big on Welders and More Thanks to Build with Blue

If you want to save big on a welding machine or welding helmet from Miller Electric, now is the time to jump on the Build with Blue rebate program. If you purchase one of Miller’s bestselling Build with Blue machines or helmets, you’ll qualify for


Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Welding Helmet

Now is the best time to upgrade your welding helmet with the latest helmets from Miller and Lincoln, including the Viking, Infinity, and Digital Elite versions. A combination of rock bottom sale prices, rebates, and special offers make this the ideal time to get helmets


Weekly Welding Roundup-Welding News

Welding played a big role in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in San Diego, where welding students at San Diego Continuing Education fabricated a massive image of Martin Luther King Jr.. The float contained a massive die-cut steel sign that included an impression

Bakers_Gas_Garage_Organization landscape featured

Welding Projects to Organize Your Garage or Shop

Now that the New Year has arrived, the question on the minds of many is “how to make the most of it?” There is no arguing that you will have a more productive year welding if your supplies are neatly stacked and your tools are