Is a Colored Weld a Good or Bad Thing?

While welders work hard to clean their metal work pieces, stack up their welds, and minimize spatter when laying beads, contaminated welds can sometimes happen. On occasions these contaminated welds will change colors. Sometimes a weld changes colors but isn’t necessarily contaminated. And sometimes welders

Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Welding team and married couple Kelly DeWitt Norman and Travis Norman own a large property in the Texas hill country where they host intensive welding camps for beginners. The two have a number of businesses that include: custom floral design, fabrication, and furniture business. Image

Is Welding a Good Career for You?

The customers at Baker’s Gas and Welding range from professional welding shops to weekend welders who take on household and personal welding projects in their spare time. Among those customers, it isn’t uncommon to hear about young welders or students evaluating their job prospects who

8 Father’s Day Welding Projects

Father’s Day is right around the corner and while you can’t, or at least shouldn’t weld your dad a tie, you can always weld him something to hang it on. In fact, there are plenty of welding project ideas that have nothing to with ties

Weekly Welding Roundup-Welding News

A group of Montana high school students took welding classes over the past year and were then administered a welding certification test where four of the seven students passed. Those who passed the test included: freshman, Kyler Francis; junior, Connor Voll; freshman, Raine Kaufman and

Why Welders Are Purging Pipes and Tubes Before Welding

Creating a strong, long-lasting weld requires a clean joint on your metal workpiece. When it comes to TIG welding uniquely shaped materials or pipe welding jobs, purging the metal of oxygen with an inert gas can keep the weld fully protected from oxidation that could

Tips for TIG Welding Aluminum at Your Home Shop

TIG welding aluminum often proves to be one of the most challenging welding processes for new and weekend hobby welders. Aluminum heats up faster than steel and most other metals in welding shops, and it becomes particularly brittle and prone to cracking if you aren’t

Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Water patrol deputy Chris Guise spends his days patrolling the waters of his parish, going between wetlands and waterways, but in his off time, he spends hours welding in his shop at home. Guise has been welding since he was a teenager, and he would

Welding Projects with Yard Sale Materials

Yard sale season is in full swing, and while you may not be in the market for a used dresser or outdated TV set, yard sales can be an excellent place to find unusual, useful welding supplies. Some of our favorite welding projects are constructed