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Why Welders Make Good Entrepreneurs

If you're a welder and have wondered about breaking out on your own, the idea might not be too far-fetched. In the UK the average entrepreneur is a 36-year-old male working in the construction industry. Whatever your age or gender, welders make good entrepreneurs because

Win a Copy of Spark: Lincoln Electric’s Success Story

Journalist Frank Koller tells the unique, if sometimes unbelievable, story of welding equipment manufacturer Lincoln Electric in his book Spark: How Old-Fashioned Values Drive a Twenty-First Century Corporation. Public Affairs Books have provided a copy for review on Weld My World, as well as five

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Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Welder

Opportunities to work as a freelance welder have become more abundant, but there is also more competition. Setting yourself apart with strategic marketing communications, promotional items, quality logo items, and a service-oriented strategy, will secure you more jobs and jobs of higher quality. With a